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Manufacturers of ultralight/LSA amphibious aircraft.

Here you will find both 3-axis and weightshift controlled aircrafts driven by conventional engines and electric driven. Search also under "amph".

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ATOL Amphibian

Multirole Amphibious Two Seat Side-by-Side Folding Wing Composite Light Sport Aircraft with Mobile Hangar and Unique Water Handling System. - Euro Ultralight MTOW 495 kgs (1091 lbs) and LSA 650 kgs (1430 lbs). Ultralight version has basic cockpit upholstery, simple paint scheme and limited optional equipments. LSA has an auxiliary nose wheel assisting in beaching to steep shores.



Manufacturer of the Super Petrel amphibian 2-seater aircraft.


Equator Aircraft

The Norwegian Equator P2 Excursion electric driven LSA Amphibian aircraft.



Calm your doubting neighbours: going electric with the Nano is clean and quiet. This engine has a powerful torque and the whispering low-speed prop also cuts down power train vibration.


Flywhale Aircraft

Flywhale AIRCRAFT GmbH is a young company based in the small town of Dötlingen in northern Germany which develops and markets light weight amphibious planes. Much research work and many tests with the second finished prototype resulted in a modern flying boat with the latest engine technology, many technical features, much space and a high fun factor!


ICON Aircraft

ICON’s sport amphibious aircraft are not only designed to deliver an amazing and safe flying experience, but also to inspire us the way great sports cars do. After years of development with some of the world’s best aerospace engineers and industrial designers, ICON Aircraft has released the first of its line of sport planes, the ICON A5.


IDEA Aircraft

The Amphibian plane's production idea was born in 2004 in Hungary. It was the idea of Varga Zoltán, an engineer which already possessed big recognition in the field of ship, water bike and other water transportation production.


Ing.-Buero Mentzel

The Ing. Büro Mentzel is a competent network of engineers managed by Anno Claus Mentzel, which implements your ultralight project for you, starting with the initial idea, followed by design, check and finally ending with the certification.


Lisa Airplanes

AKOYA is anextraordinary amphibious aircraft. From either ground, water or snow, the AKOYA aircraft takes its passagers at least 1000 km away at a speed of more than 200km/h.


We are designing, developing and building the world’s Most Versatile Plane the MVP model 3. This light sport aircraft will be certified and produced in the Light Sport Airplane (LSA) category.


Nordic Aircraft AS

Manufacturer of the Omsider microlight amphibian aircraft, dealer off parts for mikrolight aircrafts, Aeros trikes and wings, HKS 4-stroke engine, Kievprop and Bräuninger avionics.


Polaris Motor s.r.l.

The Company purpose is to cover all the uses requested for a microlight: training, fun, work, versatility, long rides and adventures.



RAMPHOS is an amphibious flying hull with wings made of anti-UV mylar of 15 mq. mounted as standard.



A 2 seater amphibian equiped with a Rotax 912 engine. In his first 10 operational years, the M22 has been the cover in over 25 international specialized magazine covers and has received the award for best "two-seat amphibious aircraft" in the world several times.



This amphibian plane can probably be approved for the European market. Empty weight is 300 kg asper the spec.sheet.


Svenska Flygfabriken

Manufacturer of LN-3 Seagull, a high wing amphibian homebuilt aircraft intended for the kitplane market or as ready aircraft for the UL (ultra light) or LSA (Light sport aviation) markets. Our vision: “-To design and manufacture the most versatile and the most exciting amphibian airplane on the market today.”


Vickers Aircraft

Safety comes first and the “Wave” delivers this completely. Each component has either been CNC machined or carefully handcrafted to exceptionally high standards. Included as standard equipment is an industry leading ballistics recovery parachute. All this delivers peace of mind for you and your family.


Zenair Floats

Zenair designs and builds aluminum floats for ultralight and sport aircraft. Eight sizes available, straight or amphibious. Available in kit form or factory assembled. See website for prices...


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