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Manufacturers of SINGLE SEAT aircraft

A none complete collection of links til single seat light aircrafts meeting the FAR 103, SSDR (Single Seat Microlight Aeroplanes, UK, 300kg MTOW), sub 120 kg (Germany) and ultralight/microlight categories of aircrafts. See also the "Electrical and H2 Ultralight Aircrafts" group.

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Discover the truly easy way of flying within the 120 kg category. With over 180 sales worldwide, for the first time the AEROLiTE 120 is available to the European market as a deregulated* Microlight Aircraft in the 120 kg category.


Afford a Plane

Welcome to the home of the Affordaplane, perhaps the simplest, most inexpensive aluminum ultralight you can build today. 115 kg emptyweight.


Air Souris Set

Le site officiel de l'Association des Amateurs de Souris


Airbike UK

The AirBikeUK-Lite is built as an SSDR and the AirBikeUK-Max is built as an approved microlight.

United Kingdom

ATEC212 SOLO dead

A single seater lowwinged equipped with a Rotax 583 2-stroke engine. Emptyweight 200 kg.

Czech Republic

Back Yard Flyer UL

A FAR103 ultralight - it takes less than two minutes to pivot the wing 90 degrees to its storage position, and it even has a nifty tab on the rudder post to secure the wingtip. If you’re tall, just remember to watch your head.


bautek, Fluggeräte GmbH

bautek is the largest manufacturer of single seater trikes (120 kg class) in Germany.


Belite Aircraft

The Belite is a full featured Part 103 and SSDR 120 kg compliant ultralight aircraft that provides the economy and freedom of ultralight flight and the flying characteristics of a light sport aircraft. Both taildragger (Superlite) and Trike models are available. The Belite is the perfect aircraft for heavy pilot loads, high altitudes or for anyone who wants the best ultralight. FOLDING WINGS allow easy hauling and storage, standard on all models.



C.M. Microlights is based in Norfolk and is engaged in the design and development of light aircraft for the sub-115kg single seat deregulated (SSDR) category, and will shortly be extended to include the UK 300kg microlight class.

United Kingdom

DARSolo 120

The new modification specially developed to meet German rules


Das wirklich leichte Fliegen.

Nach Motorschirmen, leichten Trikes und Segelflugzeugen dürfen nun auch motorisierte Dreiachser mit bis zu 120 kg Leergewicht „dereguliert“ betrieben werden.


e-Go Aeroplanes

Single seat aircraft that meets UK's SSDR (Single Seat De-Regulated) Rules

United Kingdom

Fisher Flying Products

Several choices of single seat high- and lowwinged monoplanes.


Flylight Airsports Ltd

United Kingdom's larget manufacturer of single seat microlights. Nano light flexwing / trike aircraft capable of being broken down to very small sizes to fit in and on an average family car. There is a large choice of soaring, touring and just plane fun aircraft.

United Kingdom


Calm your doubting neighbours: going electric with the Nano is clean and quiet. This engine has a powerful torque and the whispering low-speed prop also cuts down power train vibration.



HOOPPER is an ultralight single place airplane for fun flying. Large flaperons and leading edge slats give him capability of very short and steep starts and landings. Materials: aluminum sheets, tubes and extruded angles


Kolb Aircraft

Kolb Aircraft Co. LLC is a provider of quality easy-to-build and easy-to-fly aircraft. All Kolb Aircraft feature folding wings and tail which allow for easy storage or tailoring


Luciole UK is a site dedicated to all Luciole enthusiasts across the country. Colomban Aircraft MC30 Luciole is a one seater with an emptyweight of 97 kg.

United Kingdom

ONEX from Sonex

Onex (pronounced “One-X”) is a single-seat aircraft designed to offer an even-more economical way to build and fly your sport pilot aircraft! The folding-wing design can fit into a garage, or share a T hangar with your flying buddies.


Pélican ultralight airplane

The Pelican is an aircraft of traditionnal configuration with a taildragger landing gear and steerable tailwheel. The aircraft has the original Global engine fitted with a an aluminum cowling. The fuselage and tail unit are built with aluminum tubes covered with doped fabric. The wing structure consists of an aluminum D-cell spar on which the styrofoam ribs are mounted.


PoorBoy Aviation Inc.

Goals of the PoorBoy design are quick construction technique, and low cost. The plans show how to build the PoorBoy and list a variety of model options you can choose from.



Project GloW - our first product, a hybrid powered soaring microlight - UK-SSDR and USA-Light Sport Glider compliant, and for lightly regulated categories worldwide

United Kingdom

Raceair Designs

The purpose and goals of Raceair Designs has always been to provide low-cost ultralight and light aircraft designs for the amateur builder.


RagWing Aeroplane Company

RagWing Fleet - RW1 Ultra-Piet "Pete" - RW2 Special I - RW4 Midwing Sport - RW5 Heath Replica RW6 RagWing Parasol - RW7 Duster - RW8 RagWing Pt2S - RW9 Motor Bipe - RW11 Rag-A-Bond - RW16 Aerial - RW19 Stork - RW20 Stork - side-by-side - RW22 Tiger Moth - RW26 Special II.


Rand Robinson Engineering

The KR-1 is the single seat low wing retractable monoplane which is typically powered by smaller VW engines, up to the VW 2100. The KR-1B motorglider is a standard KR-1 with modified outer wing sections.


Rans Aircraft

RANS has evolved into a world leader in the ever growing recumbent bike and kit plane industries.


Rocky Mountain Wings, LLC

Manufacturer of the Ridge Runner 1, 2 and 3, and soon the Ridge Runner 4, the Bushwhacker 3-axis aircrafts.


SD Planes.

The SD-1 design Philosophy is as low as possible weight while keeping in mind simplicity of construction, good performance and handling suitable for low time pilot. The lightest construction of airplanes is wood one. This is historically verified fact.

Czech Republic

Sherwood KUB 115kg SSDR aircraft

The Sherwood KUB manufactured in the UK is a 115 hg single seat aircraft, the KUB has a fully enclosed cockpit, fully operating flaps, conventional flight controls and fast fold wings, 2 minutes to operate with no control surface disconnection. The Sherwood KUB has a high strength 4130 steel tube airframe, spacious cockpit, light well co-ordinated controls, fantastic handling and incredible short field performance. Available as kit and finished aircraft.

United Kingdom

Skyleader 100

The SKYLEADER 100 is an all metal one-seat, low wing, constructed aircraft with a rectangular or trapezoidal wing. Engine is a Rotax 503 or 582.

Czech Republic

Sonerai I

The Sonerai I enjoys an excellent reputation for strength, speed and agility. It can handle +/- 6 G's with the "S" wing and will do 170 mph flat out with a Great Plains 2180cc engine.



Song ultralight airplane. Empty weight from 105kg. Carbon fiber construction. 4-Stroke engine. Fuel consumption 3l/h.

Czech Republic


Study related to Spratt 107, known as "Controlwing", aircraft having flown from 1939 to 1970 in U.S.A., concept similar to the actual Spratt 103.


Stewart Aircraft

Building prints for HEADWIND, FOOFIGHTER and psru MAXIMIZER



Aeriane makes your plans come true. It can be towed or converted (on a "plug and play" basis) into a motorglider, a two-seat sailplane or a sailplane with auxiliary motorization.



Merlin 100ML and Merlin 100UL are single-seat kit aircraft. The all-metal airplane features matched hole tooling construction.

Czech Republic

Thunderbird Aviation

Manufacturer of the Hiperlight Single Place SNS-8 and the Two Place SNS-9.



Manufacturer of the Tornado I single place aircraft.



Home of the Mitchell Wing Ultralights. - U.S. Pacific was founded in 1987 by world-famed aeronautical engineer/designer Don Mitchell and Richard Avalon, the current owner of the company. Don and Richard worked together at Mitchell Aircraft Corporation from 1977 through 1983. Don passed away in 1991 leaving the designs and manufacturing rights for the Mitchell Wing Models B-10, U-2 and the P-38 to Richard.


Van's Aircraft

RV-3 is a light, fast, nimble, and possessing remarkable short field capabilities, the RV-3 is the airplane responsible for the original "RV Grin" – the expression found on the face of every pilot after his or her first flight in an RV.



VIERA. Part 103 Ultralight airplane. Empty weight from 77kg. Monowheel or trigear configuration. New model with enclosed cocpit and 4-stroke engine.

Czech Republic

Weedhopper USA

The Weedhopper™ has long been favored by ultralight enthusiasts for the many desirable characteristics of an affordable ultralight. Now, with these plans you can build one for yourself at a fraction of the cost of a new one.


Zigolo Mg 12

The AVIAD Zigolo MG12 is an SSDR motor glider designed and manufactured in Italy offering an alternative flying experience.


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