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Brako Gyro

Manufacturer of the BrakoGyro GT and BrakoGyro Naked.


Dansk Gyrokopter Union

Dansk Gyrokopter Union, DGU, er en privat organisation, der under Trafikstyrelsens bemyndigelse varetager UL-gyrokopter flyvningen i Danmark, Grønland og på Færøerne. Det er Unionens opgave at virke for størst mulig sikkerhed ved at føre tilsyn med uddannelse, materiel og flyvningen. Endvidere har Unionen til opgave at udbrede kendskabet til UL-gyrokopter flyvningen.


eGyro Project

Combination of reliable, best-in-class gyroplane technology with proven and successful implemented e-technology from the automotive world. Replace the single engine piston of the Cavalon with an electric, battery powered engine (80kW/200Nm)


European Autogyrolinks

Links to Gyroworld in Europe



Norwegian importer of the Xenon Gyrokopter.


Reseller in Scandinavia for the gyrocopter "Auto Gyro", MTO Sport and Calidus. - Flightschool for microlight gyrocopters.


Flying around Australia in a gyroplane

The reason why Otmar Birkner, the manufacturer of these amazing Gyroplanes, and I went on a flight like this was to demonstrate the reliability of modern gyros.


Gyro Gyros

A simple blog providing you with LINKS to the World of gyrocopters & autogyros


Gyro School

One Stop Gyro Shop everything you need for training and flying Autogyros



Accidents and incidents with gyrocopters from 1998 and onwards.



'Gyrobooks' is designed to provide information about the relatively unknown but fascinating world of Autogyros

United Kingdom

Gyrocopter flight training school The Birdman

Flight training school for gyrocopter pilots and instructors.



The Danish importer of AutoGyro GmbH gyrocopters.


The Norwegian dealer of Caladius and MTO Sport gyrocopters.



Reseller of gyrocopters in Sweden.


Magni Gyro

The articles in this site are presented to help inform and educate the gyro community in the principles and issues that will help us all to be safer fliers and expand gyroplane sport and utility safely. We hope you find this website helpful and informative.


Nordisk Autogyro Klub

Gennem klubbens samarbejde med den danske AutoGyro forhandler, har vi kontakt til det verdensomspændende professionelle AutoGyro netværk. Klubbens medlemmer har derfor unik mulighed for at rejse, tilegne sig knowhow og høre flyveskrøner fra hele verden.


Norsk Rotorfly Klubb

Norsk Rotorfly Klubb har etter søknad hos Luftfartstilsynet, fått tillatelse til et pilotprosjekt for flyging med mikrolett Gyrokopter (også kallet Autogyro) i Norge.


Popular Rotorcraft Association

Welcome to the homepage of the Popular Rotorcraft Association. Based in Mentone, Indiana, USA


Projekt Autogyro i Skåne

C4 SFK och Malmö SFK i samarbete med Dala UL FK organiserar provflygning/skolning på UL autogyro MTO Sport i Skåne.


SkyRanch, the Pilots Paradise

The Skyranch is a unique opportunity to see a beautiful part of Australia from the birds eye view and meet many like minded people. It provides the basis for a flying holiday - accomodation, instruction and of course the hire of a variety of aircrafts.


Svenska Rotorflygklubben

Svenska Rotorflygklubben (SRF) är en ideell förening med syfta att bevaka och främja medlemmarnas intresse för rotorflyg.


The International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training

What do we do? We are an organisation dedicated to continually raising the standard of Gyroplane flying and Gyroplane flight safety worldwide.

European Union

The VW of VTOL

Describes a paradigm shift in vertical take off and landing and single rotor lifting


Ufo Helithruster

Manufacturer of two seat side by side enclosed gyrocopter.

New Zealand


Gyrocopter World Tour is an unique adventure trip around the world by flying with gyrocopters in 5 continents to realize childhood dreams.


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