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Manufacturers of Engines for ultralight/LSA aviation.

Manufacturers of 2- and 4-stroke engines made for ultralight, microlight and LSA aircrafts - and Wankel Rotary combustion engines. Some might not be in production any more but still flying. A few never went into massproduction.

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Description of ultralight aviation site


Aero Conversions Inc.

The 80 HP, 2180cc Aero Vee 2002 is a brand-new complete VW Conversion Package. This conversion represents over 3 years of Research and Development.


Aixro Rotary Engines

compact and light rotary engines for various applications



The AvioDinamic is manufacturing a engine for light sport aircraft. It specifically planning for aircraft use, fuel kerosene (jet fuel), lower cost of exercise. The engine "model H" is horizontally opposed, four cylinder air-cooled, four stroke diesel, good weight-power ratio.


ASE SwissMotorEngineering

Engines for ultralight aircraft, microlight, experimental, UAV and trike. From 77HP to 138 HP


Austro Engines

Manufacturer of 170 HP piston engine and a 55 HP rotary engine for aviation purposes.



The AvioDinamic is manufacturing a engine for light sport aircraft. - It specifically planning for aircraft use, fuel kerosene (jet fuel), lower cost of exercise. - The engine "model H" is horizontally opposed, four cylinder air-cooled, four stroke diesel, good weight-power ratio.


BING Power Systems

BING is active worldwide as a development supplier for manufacturers of automobiles, motorcycles and engines. Employees: approx. 180 people Production capacity: Approx. 6,000 to 8,000 BING carburettors and BING throttle valve necks daily, depending on model. For original equipment alone, we produce 35 carburettor families in 300 different versions.


BMW Engine from take OFF GmbH

The R1,1RS, R1,15RS and R1,1S BMW engines modified for us in trikes and 3-axis UL aircrafts.


Bourke Engine Com

The Bourke Engine is a ported valve, two cylinder, 1 stroke cycle, horizontally opposed piston engine. Free Animation of how the Bourke Engine works!


Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is not making engines for ultralights, but they are making engines for racing purposes.

United Kingdom


BRP-Rotax, a subsidiary of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., is an international market leader in the development and production of 4-stroke and advanced 2-stroke ROTAX engines.


Camit - the manufacturer of the Jabiru engine

Camit Pty Ltd is a contract manufacturing company specialising in CNC machining. The main products are 4, 6 & 8 cylinder air cooled 4 stroke aircraft engines, which are mainly machined from solid billet. Engines are wholly manufactured and tested inhouse.


Camit Aero Engines

New Camit Aero Engine Site!


Compact Radial Engines Inc

Manufacturer and distributor of multi-purpose 2-stroke engines.


Corvair Engine

In the Corvair automobile, the engine produced 180 horsepower in the turbo-charged form. All 1964-69 model engines utilize the same crankshaft, rods, pistons, cases, etc. By flat rating the engine for 90hp continuous, the engine is only stressed to 50% of its rating in the automobile.


DeltaHawk Engines (diesel)

The diesel engine is a major milestone; the inverted configuration makes DeltaHawk engines compatible with most tractor and pusher type Homebuilt and Certified airframes. Lots of interesting stuff, but the engines are too large for ultralights.


Diesel Air, UK

The 100hp Liquid Cooled Diesel Aircraft Engine - a bit heavy for ultralights, but a 75 kg engine might come one day.

United Kingdom


Based on existing, known and proven technology of the 4-stroke Boxer engine, we developed an engine that uses more advanced technology such as injection, ignition and high quality modern materials: 80HP, 4-cyl, 4-stroke, 47 kg.


Duke Engines

The Duke Engine is the World’s only commercial 4 stroke axial piston spark ignited engine currently available. It is lightweight, small, valveless, vibration-free, has very high power density

New Zealand


Aircraft certification for FK9 Mk2 with SMART engine. 54 dbA were measured for the SMART engine, a mere 25% of the limit allowed by law!



Both aluminum diesel engines exhibit the latest engine technology design, equipped with the latest generation of common rail fuel injection system and turbocharger ensuring today's cutting edge performance in power, fuel consumption, emission and weight.



The new car conversion engine three cylinders for ultralight aircrafts, 80-100 -122 HP "turbo". Very low weight, electronic fuel injection.


Engine Conversion and Conversions Kit from Air Trikes

There is a lot of experience in converting of Subaru, Honda, Chevy, Nissan and other engines but light and small GEO-Suzuki G10 AND G13 are the most interesting engines for me as Ultralight trike builder and pilot.


Firewall Forward

Honda Civic based aircraft engines, 100HP and 125 HP.


Freedom Motors

The Freedom engine is based on the Wankel rotary engine, which was patented in the late 1950's by Felix Wankel.


Great Plains Aircraft Supply Co., Inc. (GPAS)

The world´s leading manufacturer of VW-based aircraft engines, engine kits and components.


Hexatron Engineering

A 60HP - 4 stroke - 800 cc - sale 2 cyl engine - The P60 is smooth and quiet running, is fuel sale efficient and power efficient; simple design and reliable with 4 valves per cylinder..



The Expert for robust and powerful 2 strokes. (under reconstruction)


HKS Aviation Japan

HKS700E 60hp Four-stroke Sport Engine, aircooled with oil cooled cylinderhead.


Hummel Engines

The Hummel 1/2 VW — Powering the Hummelbird, Ultra Cruiser and other Experimental Amateur Built and Ultralight aircraft, Morry Hummel's 2-Cylinder engine conversion plans have become a trusted standard in the aviation community.


Jabiru Engines

It is said that "aircraft are designed around available engines". Jabiru believe that the Jabiru range of very light engines will now offer new opportunities for light aircraft designers, to develop a new generation of light aircraft. 4-, 6- and 8 cyl. versions are available.


Leonard Milholland's Better Half VW Engine.

I started on the Better Half VW engine conversion about 1993, and so far have sold about 1500 plans of this conversion.


Limbach Aircraft Engines

Aircraft engines, also for ultralight aircraft, 2- and 4-stroke.


Liste moteurs ULM

Tableau comparatif des motorisations légeres.



Mazda rotary engines for aircrafts, boats, automobiles - learn a lot about rotary engines on this website.



METALWORK produce the B22 AEROPOWER series engine for 95 up to 130HP. They are all 4 cylinder horizontally-opposed water cooled 4-strokes, with fuel injection and electronic ignition.


Parma Technik

They offer an aircooled smallsized cylinder-in-row 4-stroke 65 HP direct drive engine with dual ignition, certified to JAR22.

Czech Republic

PBS TJ 100 and TP 100 engines

Professional jet engines for UAV and experimental airplanes

Czech Republic

Proven Lycoming O-235 Power

The four cylinder, 116 HP, direct-drive, air-cooled engine offers a 2,400 hour TBO. Suitable for the LSA version of the CH601 but too heavy for the UL version.


Real World Solutions, About rotary engines.

Real World Solutions Inc. was formed for the purpose of developing cost effective information and products for converting the Mazda rotary engine for aircraft use.


Revmaster Aviation

Revmaster’s Breakthrough R-2300 Engine Offers More Horsepower, Lower Cruise RPM at the incredible low price of $7200.



The Rotapower family of engines are small-but-powerful; lightweight; ultra low emissions; cheap-to-produce 4 stroke engines that have taken many years to develop but which are now ready for the production phase.


Rotax Aircraft Engines

More than 125.000 aircraft engines sold since 1973 - ROTAX produces annually more than 200.000 engines for PWC, ATV, Snowmobile, Motorcycle, Kart and Aircraft, 70% are 4 strokes


Rotax Austria

ROTAX, the world's leading supplier of aircraft engines for ultra-light and lightweight aircraft, continues to soar onwards and upwards.


Rotec Engineering

Manufacturer of a high quality 7 cylinder (110 HP) radial engine and a 9 cylinder (150 HP) radial engine which is lightweight, powerful and reliable. Specifically designed for the homebuilt aircraft enthusiast.


Rotron Aero

Rotron Aero rotary engines reflect a completely new approach to aircraft propulsion by redefining the relationship between size, performance, efficiency and reliability.

United Kingdom

Rotron Ltd.

The Rotron range comes with a choice of five powerful and responsive rotary engine sizes - the 200cc, 294cc, 300c, 350cc and the 700cc.

United Kingdom

Sauer Flugmotorenbau

They offer you 4 different 4-cyl, 4-stroke boxer engines, all with a TBO of 1600 hours, from 60 to 105 HP.


Savoia S42AERO

Twin boxer, 4 stroke, blowed by fan, air cooled, plus a separated oil cooler, 678 cc displacement, 9.5:1 compression, Fuel injection with programmable ECU, altimetric mixture compensation. Optional: double ignition.

Argentine Republic

Simonini Engine

Italian Engine Mfr. Get yourself into the Twenty-First Century!!!


SME Engines

Engines for microlight, ultralight and LSA aircraft. If You are looking for a powerful engine, You found the right one.


Take Off, Germany

BMW conversion site with very well designed gearboxes and accessories from a quality company Take Off GmbH in Germany.


TEC-95 ...the ultimate turboprop engine conversion from Berger Engineering.

High power at high altitudes, high power to mass ratio, auto-restart at 50% power, relibility thanks to the free turbine concept, designed just like a real aviation turbine: 55 kg and 100 HP.


Trefil Engine

This horizontally−opposed four−cylinder 85 HP aircooled fuel−injected single−OHC direct−drive engine uses an electronic ignition and injection control unit by Ignitech

Czech Republic


Dyno tests so far show that the current design configuration is certainly promising. At the moment the first prototype 2600cc engine, with an all-up operational weight of +/- 68kg produces 90hp @ 2800rpm. The UL260i will be ready for sale in the second half of 2005.



Great Spanish link to manufacturers of engines for ultralight aircrafts.


Valley Engineering

Big Twin Two-cycle Alternative. 38 HP @ 3600 rpm (peak) 32 HP (continuous ) 112 lbs COMPLETE (Fan Cooled, 1.98 to 1 PSRU, 70" X 40" prop. 250 lbs static thrust.) - *COMPLETE means dry weght, 20 amp alternator, starter, oil cooler, oil filter AND prop. In other words... READY TO FLY!!


Verner Motor

Light aircraft engine for Microlight and light (experimental) sport aircraft. The Verner VM 133MK engine is a new model developed by Verner Motor Company in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic

Vija Aircraft Engines

Les moteurs VIJA utilisent une technologie éprouvée depuis près de 20 ans. L'adoption de l'injection électronique les rend plus économiques et plus fiables. Les moteurs peuvent être utilisés en mode tractif ou propulsif, le système de refroidissement global par huile permet un maintien en température optimum quelle que soit l'utilisation : ULM, autogires, avions légers,… - 3 MODELES: J-12i:80 cv à 6300 tr/min - J-12Si: 98cv à 6700 tr/min - AG-12Si: 120 cv à 7400 tr/min


Viking HF-30 Aircraft Engine

The engine for LSA- and experimental aircrafts.


Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines for Aircraft

All about Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines - This site is in its 5th year on the Web.


Wankel rotary engines from Parajet

Markets smallest rotary wankel engines for powered parachutes and small aircraft: 25 and 40 HP.



From 1965 to 1975 more than 1 million WANKEL engines were manufactured and sold.


WILKSCH Airmotive

The new WAM-CITEC engine concept allows the use of DIESEL and jet fuels - a WAM-120 engine has completed a 50 hour type acceptance test to JAR-22H today.

United Kingdom

Zanzottera Engines

The company is dedicated to the design, development and production of a range of high quality , light weight engines from 22 up to 200 hp, for powering unmanned Vehicles.


ZOCHE aero-diesels

The Diesel engine has demonstrated the lowest specific fuel consumption of any prime mover (as low as .26 lb/hp hr for very large 2-stroke marine Diesels).


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