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Physical challenged ultralight pilots

Sites for people with physical challenges but inclination for ultralight aviation

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Adaptive Flight Foundation

The AFF has as its goals providing gyroplane flight instruction and job placement to disabled veterans and other paraplegics. We will utilize the Phenix Gyroplane with social surveillance equipment to provide trained and qualified pilots and observers to law enforcement. We also want to provide a recreational avenue into Paragliding for disabled veterans and another paraplegics.


Die Rolli Flieger

Interest group of physically handicapped people practising aerial sports inc.



Time to get out of that wheelchair and off the ground and into the air. - Help to support the FlightAbility's program.


International Wheelchair Aviators

Although IWA began in 1972 as just a monthly "fly to lunch" group of four paraplegic aviators from the Southern California area, it has developed into a worldwide group of disabled and able bodied (A/B) pilots interested in aviation and flying.


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