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Videos and Pictures for ultralight pilots

Nice sites with beautiful pictures, some very professional - and galleries, videos, internet radio and photos about and with aircrafts.

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Air Team Images

AirTeamImages offers a quality, fast and reliable service for all your high resolution plane pictures and aerospace related image needs.

United Kingdom

Airplane Pictures is a photo resource database dedicated to aviation. Our members provide images of a wide variety of aircraft types both civil and military. More than 6500 pictures and 33 photographers aboard.

USA is a new Internet TV channel featuring all the best action from the world of competitive air sports

United Kingdom

Our emphasis is on delivering you the very best images from the world’s finest photographers. We offer a high quality, fast and reliable service for high-resolution aircraft and aerospace related images

United Kingdom

Al Mulfords Homepage

Lot of great videos and pictures for the ultralight and LSA enthusiast.


Australian Aviation Images Gallery

7990+ images in 85 categories.


Aviation pictures, lots of them

Biggest aviation interest site in the world! Over 300,000 photos online! Over 70,000 distinct visitors daily! .....but but no Ultralights!



Aviationweb déjà vu is dedicated to the photography and history of aviation. The website is based on a large archive aeroplane and helicopter images, built up since 1964, including microlights.


Aviphoto Denmark

Many catagories of photos including around 200 of aircrafts.


Benavente Airfield Photos

Photos from the Benavente Airfield in Portugal. The most active ultralight airfield in Portugal.

Portugal - The Aviation Community is a new internet-based community for aviation fans, provided by aviation fans. Set up your individual profile at and present yourself as well as your aircraft. Use to present or promote your own air show, or publish your pictures or videos to share them with other users internationally. Get in touch with others, meet old friends, or make new friends, and link up with like-minded people. Features lots of ultralight photos and pilots and own ultralight categories.


Cloud Appreciation Society

At The Cloud Appreciation Society we love clouds, we’re not ashamed to say it and we’ve had enough of people moaning about them.Read our manifesto and see how we are fighting the banality of ‘blue-sky thinking’. If you agree with what we stand for, then join the society for a minimal postage and administration fee and receive your very own official membership certificate and badge.

United Kingdom

Lots of pictures of aircrafts of any kind.


EAA, Video's

Videos, Photos, Magazine, Newsletters on EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association.


Flight Level 350

Videos of all kind - some very good.


Thorbjoern Brunander Sund has shot aviation pictures on regular basis since the year 2000. Now, He collects all available aircraft registrations from my archive, including many Danish ultralights. Great site - take a look.


Over 10,000 photos of aircraft over the last decade, encompassing a large amount of General Aviation as well as airshows, military and museums, mainly in the UK and USA.

United Kingdom

Microlight Movie and Video Clips

A number of great tours with - here one og them: Approach, Landing and Departure at Malaga International Airport.. Lots of radio and 8 minutes long. Lots of concentration and I loved every minute. It certainly hones your radio skills and you have to know *exactly* where you are... just in case they ask! - An interesting departure the next morning, too.....

United Kingdom


Many fine high and low resolution pictures of ultralights and much more. It's free to look, you have to pay to use.


Plane Pictures

Aviation Photography at it's best.


STOL Adventures is a video production company specializing in creating quality DVDs featuring amazing off-airport backcountry bush flying.


The Ultralight Experience

This site simply documents, in 36 pages of photographs and words, many of the experiences I had while building and flying a Quicksilver MX back in the mid 1980's.


Trike/Ultralight photos from Iceland

Great site! Lots of videos and pics from all over the world. - You can find lots of videos taken from Kjartan's trike as well, flying over Ieland, on this site:


Ultrakevyet lentokoneet (pictures)

Many pictures af Finnish ultralight planes.


Ultralight Crashes

A number of movies you certainly can learn from.


Videoclips from Ultraligero.Net

More than 200 videoclips of all kind of aviation. Enjoy yourself.


WorldFlight.TV Shop

With the purchase of any product like videos, books or e-books you support the work of the children´s charity organization "terre des hommes". To make childhood dreams come true!


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