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Aviation safety for pilots, NORDIC

Safety investigation units, associations, boards and organizations in the Nordic countries. They focus on safety and how to improve the aviation aviation safety. Studying the accident and incident reports will give you a good idea of why it is safe to fly, but also why accidents and incidents will continue to happen.

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Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, CAA Finland

A new Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, composed of the former regulatory units of CAA Finland, commenced its operations on 1 January 2006. It will be responsible for flight safety and aviation regulatory issues.


Handbok med VFR Trafikregler

Handboken är framtagen av Transportstyrelsen som ett hjälpmedel för att få en samlad bild över trafikregler för luftfart.



The Danish Accident Investigation Board (AIB) is an independent institution under the Ministry of Transport. The AIB investigates accidents and serious incidents with civilian aircrafts in Denmark including Greenland and the Faero Islands.


Norwegian Accident Investigation Board

The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board is a government-funded investigation board, whose task is to investigate accidents and incidents within the aviation, railway and road sectors.


Rådet for Større Flyvesikkerhed

Danish Council for Air Safetyness


SHK - Sweden

SHK – The Swedish Accident Investigation Board – is a state authority tasked to investigate accidents and incidents for the purpose of improving safety.


VFR Guide Norway 2016

This booklet is made for the purpose of assisting you, as a VFR pilot, in your planning and conduct of flight within Norwegian Airspace. The information relates, in general to Lower Airspace. Lower Airspace is defined as that airspace up to Flight Level 195 (FL195).


Vinterflyging i Norge 2015

Denne informasjon er ikke ment som et opplæringskonsept for flyging under vinterforhold, men må anses som et bidrag for å sette fokus på denne type operasjoner.


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