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Description of ultralight aviation site


A Birth of a Savannah

A bunch of nice pictures of a birth of an ICP Savannah in Denmark.


Adrians Skyranger Project

Time to decide what sort of plane I want and start lessons to get my PPL back. - Paul Dewhurst had always inspected Matilda and his SkyRanger was a delight so decision made, order placed for a 912s version

United Kingdom

Bill Hammond's Kitfox

Bill Hammond's Kitfox Series 6 Project - N913KF


Bill Hammond's Kitfox Series 6 Project - N913KF

My name is Bill Hammond. I am publishing this site to chronicle my progress as I attempt to build my own aircraft. The site will grow and the links expand along with the project. This site will serve as a record of construction and a forum to express my opinion.


Builders projects on Zenith Aircraft homepage.

Following are some links to Zenith Aircraft builder web sites. Many of these sites provide excellent details and resources on building a Zenith Aircraft kit.


Building a Zenith CH-701

If you are building, or thinking of building a CH-701 either from a kit or scratch I think that I have something that may be of interest to you. During my build I have taken over 2000 pictures of every detail of the construction.


Building my Hornet STOL aircraft

............Here we have one sidewall clecoed on and the other is ready too be marked out and drilled. Total time to this point is 272 hours.


Building Pipistrel Sinus 912

My name is Paul Kuntz, and I will be using this web site to describe my progress as I construct a kit for the aircraft pictured on the left. This plane is a motor glider, manufactured by Pipistrel D.O.O., located in the lovely town of Ajdovscina, Slovenia. That's me in the picture on the right........great site, take a look.


CH 701 Builder Installs Turbo Rotax 914

Here's an update on the engine change made in my STOL CH 701, with the Rotax 914 (101 hp) replacing the Rotax 582 (65 hp) and the associated performance.


A portal for builders and pilots of the 601 series of low-winged aircraft designed by Chris Heintz


CH701 builder in Finland.

Project : to build Zenair CH 701 STOL aeroplane from scratch and kit (wings and controls) Builder: Jere Kuusinen, finnish, 41 years old. Hanglider, ultralight pilot and ultralight flight instructor.


A portal for builders and pilots of the STOL CH701 and CH801 aircraft designed by Chris Heintz.


Challenger BTT

At present, the Challenger BTT site is in a constant state of change with the build project, new articles being written and added to the site as well as new additions with expanding the site into new areas. So, if you can't find what you are looking for now, please keep checking back as new information will be added to the site on a regular basis.


Challenger Building, Tips and Technique

Fine Challenger site with many great articles and tips and techniques. - Use the site map to navigate.


Chinook Modifications Page

Reasons I bought a Chinook +2 and modifications I made to it. Details on many changes to tail wheel and engine mount design. Fuel tank modifications, Panel, airframe changes. Photos of construction and pictures of it flying.



Members of RECREATIONAL AVIATION AUSTRALIA (RAA) are encouraged to publicise their own design and/or building projects in Constructor's Corner.


CriCri Plans

All the information you need to build your own CriCri consists of 42 black & white, native E-size, full-size 48" x 36" (1200mmx900mm) in English


Cruise Aircraft

Lots of links til building projects. Hit the "News and Articles" icon and go to the bottom of that page.


Der Eigenbau eines Doppeldeckers!!

A German builders site with a lot of fine pictures and information.



Die tollkühnen Männer in ihren fliegenden Kisten... ...Ultraleichtflugzeugeigenbau im Erzgebirge


Don's Zodiac 601 HDS Project

This web page is dedicated to my experience building the Zodiac 601HDS from the Zenith Aircraft Company. It is designed to help others building and/or considering purchasing an experimental plane. For the amusement of others and to remind me just how long this project is taking.


Doug's Ultra-Piet, flying low'n slow

The Ultra-Piet is a single seat ultralight replica of the popular Pietenpol Aircamper, a small homebuilt designed in 1929. An ultralight is a small craft, flying no more than 63 miles per hour and holding no more than 5 gallons of fuel.


ETLB Squawk Forums News

This board is dedicated to all miniMax, Himax, and Airbike aircraft builders, pilots, or anyone just interested in these aircraft. I invite you to post whatever you feel will help other builders, pilots, have a safe and rewarding experience with their aircraft.


Experimental Aircraft Info

Very informative site for light aircraft builders and pilots.


Fiddlers Green

Have fun on a rainy day. - This stuff is so cool.


Flying flea HM 293

Site of a home build HM 293...............

Argentine Republic

Flying Flea on Nest of Dragons

Henri Mignet is in France the "Saint Patron" of the homebuilders. I guess that he should be the saint patron of the homebuilders worldwide! Why? Well, he is the first to make a airplane accessible to the man of the street. In 1934, he wrote in his book "Le sport de l' Air" how he designed and built his "Pou du Ciel" or "Flying Flea".


Fredy´s Zenair CH701 STOL

A Swiss CH701 building project.


Guenthers Place

This is a BLOG of my Sonex Homebuild Aircraft Project


Home Built Kits & Plans

Home of many ultralight kit plane specifications as well as Amphibian, Canard, Glider and Tri/Bi-Plane among others.


Homebuildprojects with Rotec radial engines.

Rotec (Made in Australia) would like to thank all the following customers who were prepared to share their project by giving us permission to post their continued progress on our web-site.


Homebuilt Airplanes Forum was launched on December 21st 2002. It was developed as a place for homebuilt aircraft enthusiasts to get together and ask questions, get answers, post pictures, share experiences, and meet like-minded folks.


homebuilt directory

A virtual showcase of homebuilt aircraft. Our goal is to become the largest collection of homebuilt aircraft (projects & completed) on the internet.


Homebuilt Homepage

The Homebuilt Homepage is an index and reference on Homebuilt Experimental class aircraft and related information. This is a non-profit website.


Ian's Savannah Project

Lots af picturesand other stuff.

South Africa


All metal light aircrafts, cost effective, made by professionals.


Jon Gough's glass cockpit

The price of hiring a GA was going up so we started looking around to buy our own aircraft – not even considering ultralights as, at that time, we only knew of rag and tube types. But we saw one of the new plastic fantastics and it opened our eyes. Hmmmm, we may be able to get something new, and in our price range, that will still go distance. - To cut a long story short we bought an Atec Zephyr kit.


JPM 03 Loiret

The JPM03 "Loiret" is a wooden two seat ultralight. It is powerad with a Jabiru 2200 The wing is build in three parts


Just Plane Frank

Welcome to Just Plane Frank's! This web page covers the building of a Homebuilt aircraft called the Rans S7 Courier.


Keith Manwaring's SkyRanger kitplane project

My interest in building and flying a light aircraft developed after installing a flight simulator on my computer which continues as an absorbing hobby. Apart from tinkering with a car engine in the 1950s, outboard motors and lawnmowers I had no mechanical training or experience. When it came to metal fabrication I had to learn how to instal a rivet.


KitLog Pro

More Than 3,000 Copies Sold! Simply click on the Testimonials tab and see why more than 3,000 builders are using our software. Building an aircraft? KitLog Pro is for you!


KR net

KRnet is a free Internet mailinglist devoted to helping KR builders and pilots to construct and fly their KR aircraft more safely and efficiently. This is THE place to get your KR questions answered.


LN-YBC Atec Zephyr

This site tells the story about building a ATEC ZEPHYR. In Norwegian language.


Lynn Jarvis's Sonex project

January 2004 - with the painting and polishing done, there was nothing left to do in the workshop that couldn't be done in the field, so the big moment had arrived - moving day. I had built the Sonex in a room such that it could not be moved without removing a window.


Mark's Flitzer Z21-A

Welcome to my Flitzer site. It is dedicated to the Flitzer Z21-A homebuilt biplane designed by Lynn Williams. I decided to build one in October 2004 and began construction in February 2005 and am very impressed with the design, both aesthetically and structurally. I will try to update this site on a regular basis to show progress up to and including flying it (hopefully!) Mark Crawford


My CH-601-HD Project Page

As you will see, I am quite enthusiast about my hobby. In 1998, after discussing with my family, seeing a project (a Bush Caddy) and meeting some local builders, I decided to go ahead and build my own aircraft! The one I chose is a Zenair Zodiac CH601-HD that I started to build in March 1999 and completed in June 2004.

United Kingdom

My KitLog

My KitLog is a Web based builder's hub that showcases experimental aircraft projects from all over the World. - You will also find a few ultralights.


Peters Project 42

Der Eigenbau eines Experimentalflugzeuges Zodiac CH601 HDS TDO (Taildragger option) - a site with lots of good information for builders - you will also find pages in English.



Cruises 170 km/h+ while burning 7 l/h powered by 35 hp Mosler MMCB, an experimental home built, single seat high performance ultralight that first flew in 1996. Construction is mainly wood with all the ribs made of PVC foam, making Mini-Sytky a low cost project.


Rans Builder is the on-line community for Rans aircraft builders, flyers, and enthusiasts. - Contribute to the on-line discussion and body of knowledge of Rans aircraft by posting in the forum .


Renegade Spirit #649

This website contains detail construction photos and information about the Murphy Renegade Spirit Biplane that I am building.


Robin Ultralight

Part 103 US ultralight design. Inspired by the Fournier RF4D. Built of Wood, Carbon Pultrusions and fiber glass. designed by Mark Calder designer of the Wren Ultralight of the 1980's.


S6S.ORG - Home of my Rans Super Six Coyote II

This site was created to document my progress on the construction and assembly process of the future Amateur Homebuilt Experimental Aircraft N107KW, a Rans, Inc. model S-6S (Super Six) Coyote II Taildragger. Lots of nice pictures.


Savannah - De bouw van een eigen vliegtuig

Improve your Dutch - Dit is de homepage van Joop Groot Nuelend die met de bouw van een ULV bezig is geweest. Hiervan zijn een aantal foto's tijdens de bouw opgenomen. Waarom maakt iemand een vliegtuig?


Skyranger building project.

Building the SkyRanger at Nusa Jaya.

United Kingdom

Sonex Builders

The Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos plans provide sufficient detail for constructing your aircraft. Some may find the helpful hints and images on the following web sites useful during the building process.


Terje Lillegård's homepage

Welcome to my website. I will present my interest in flying, in the hope of inspiring someone... I will also present a picture-logbook of the building of a Zenair 601 XL. Start of building was end of september 07.


The Escapade Diary of a kit builder

The build diary is split into days - they are merely a convenient way of breaking down the work involved, and I may not have carried out the work in one day - hence some days show 30 hours of work!

United Kingdom

Tiger Cub UL

Welcome to the Tiger Cub UL ultralight builder's group. My name is Max Rentz, and my nickname is "BlueMax".



D-MPDB; SN 44 gebaut von Adolf Bücker und Karl- Heinz Pohlmann. Erstflug 11.08.03.


Wilsons Homepage

A Skyranger Swift building project with a AeroVee engine.

New Zealand


Welcome to, my web site about my passion for flying. You can find information here about my kitplane project, my flying excursions and other flying related topics. I have decided to maintain this website primarily in English to make it accessible to a wider audience. Some information is however available in both English and German, and a few items are in German only.


Zenair CH701 building project.

Builder: Jere Kuusinen from Finland, 41 years old. Hanglider, ultralight pilot and ultralight flight instructor. - Goal: to get a real reliable aircraft, which can be used for photography, trekking, fishing and "bush piloting". To have fun and enjoy flying !


Zenith Aircraft Builders and Flyers!

Zenith.Aero is for and about Zenith aircraft builders and flyers. We invite you to explore and add content... This site is full-featured, with great forums and discussion groups, photo and video sharing, blogs, etc.


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