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Ultralight/Microlight trike pilots seems to be a little different from 3-axis pilots - the sites will tell you why.

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Aerial Adventures

I turned the engine off at 10,000ft and with the temperature at 4.4C, I was bathed in the silence and beauty of the landscape. The wind gently whistled through the flying wires.

United Kingdom


Trike flying in Austria.


Air Creation USA

Air Creation USA is a dedicated company with a factory trained technical staff to provide sales, service and support.


Airplay Aviation

Airplay Aviation is a flexwing microlight training school based at Sutton Meadows airfield, near Ely in Cambridgeshire. Ideally based in the flatlands of Fenland, Airplay is the closest microlight school to Cambridge.

United Kingdom

Appalachian Triking

Many fine pichures. Take a look.


Brian Milton

In 1998 he become the first person to fly a microlight around the world, a feat that earned him the Britannia Trophy, one of the world's greatest aviation awards.

United Kingdom

I hope you enjoy this site, and please feel free to get in contact with me with any questions....well almost any !!!!


FirstLight Aviation Inc.

First Light Aviation serves customers across the USA and Canada, as well as overseas markets. We offer excellent flex-wing trikes by Air Creation of France and Australia's AirBorne Windsports, high quality accessories and government approved flight training programs. We can take care of all your trike flying needs, from your first introductory lesson to thousand mile cross country trips.


FirstLight Aviation, Inc

FirstLight Aviation serves the USA, Canada and overseas markets. We offer the excellent AirBorne Windsports line of flex wing trikes, high quality accessories and government approved flight training programs.


Fly Hard Trikes, Inc.

Fly Hard Trikes is located in Jasper, Tennessee. We manufacture the award winning Sky Cycle 103 legal trike. We have a selection of new and used trikes in stock. We also operate a full time flight training program. We offer Sport Pilot training as well.


Flying My Trike

In October 1997 a very dear friend of mine died from cancer. It was way too early in life for him to pass and caused me to take a serious inventory of my own life experiences.



Freeflying is the place where you can achieve your dreams. We are the longest running and only dual 3 axis and weightshift flying schools in Queensland and have been teaching people to fly for 10 years.


Gawler Microlights

Trike sales and flying lessons based in Gawler, South Australia.


Huntwing Trike

The Huntwing puts up a creditable showing, with a respectable cruising speed of 60mph, and handling competitive with the "big names", the Quantum and Blade.

United Kingdom

Jeffs Flight Log

Every flight is an adventure. Each a unique flying experience over beautiful terrain. Try the photo album and movies first, then a few of my more recent flight logs.


Jim's Ultralight Trike

Jim kit-built a J&J Tukan in '97 and has flown it for about 250 hrs. His airstrip and hanger are in his back yard although he does take it out occasionally.



Ak ťa táto pps nezaujme, tak klikať na mojej stránke je pre teba škoda času...

Czech Republic

Lous Fabulous Pendulous

Ultralight Trike flying in France, only in French language (for instant). Photos, videos and two great link pages. Frequent updates.


Microlight Aero Team

The team is proud to be the first and only MLA demonstration team in the world. The team has at its disposal, five identical aircraft, which are stationed at "Budel Airport" in The Netherlands.


New Mexico Trikes

Ultralight Trike Rides & Lessons - video clips and pictures.


Precision Wndsports

Precision Windsports is a nationally recognized, family owned business specializing in trike sales and training. We fly out of Lynchburg Regional Airport (KLYH) in beautiful Lynchburg, VA.


Scott's Trike Center

Scott's Trike Center will pre-adapted their trikes for their disabled customers needs.


Trike Flying in Alaska

Weight Shift CFI training in Alaska and elsewhere. AirBorne Australia dealer. Adventure flying with Trans-Alaska treks. Ski training and endorsement. Class D training and endorsement. Complete Sport Pilot training for weight shift, learn to fly a trike.


Trike Pilot Social

Fine portal with lot of information from the trikers world: Magazine, News, Photos, Videos etc.


Links to many sites about trikes and flexwings.


Is it possible for a human to experience the three-dimensional freedom of birds?" - Ask a Trike Pilot and see what they say. "The most fun you can have with your clothes on!"


Triker News

Welcome to the Western Microlight Club's newsletter, TRIKER NEWS


Triker's Corner on UPAC

Jeff Stewart is a very active trike pilot who lives in Oshawa Ontario. He regularly flies with Cathy Tinney on long cross-country trips.


Triker's Corners Artichles on UPAC

Artichles from 2001 - 2005 written by Jeff Stewart - He is a very active trike pilot who lives in Oshawa Ontario. He regularly flies with Cathy Tinney on long cross-country trips.


World Wide List of Trike Sources and much more.


Triking with Jen and Larry

Welcome to our website! If you like triking and beautiful scenery, we've got some great photos for you to check out!


Weight-Shift Control (WSC) Aircraft Flying Handbook

Weight-shift control (WSC) aircraft means a powered aircraft with a framed pivoting wing and a fuselage controllable only in pitch and roll by the pilot’s ability to change the aircraft’s center of gravity (CG) with respect to the wing. 280 pages and 56MB of data issued by FAA.


Welcome To Davis Aviation

Triker and fixed wing pilot and instructor.


Wild Blue Yonder

My name is John Olson, although I prefer Ole. There are just too many Johns around! I started to fly in 1981 after years as an alpine skier. When I discovered it was possible to jump a cliff and go up, I was no longer happy with down!


Winds & Wings

Beautiful pictures, beautiful and smart site, also about trike flying.


Winterflying in a FIB

Several video's about flying in a Flying Inflatable Boat


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