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Manufacturers of ultralight trike aircraft

There are many manufacturers of trikes or flexwings aircraft worldwide. Many af them you will find here. If you do not find what you are looking for, I suggest that you search "trike" on the top right of this page. Manufacturers of ultralight flying inflatable boats are also in this group.

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Ace Aviation

Microlights, trikes and ultralights built in India with a UK managment. Quality equipment at affordable prices


Air Creation

Fransk trike producent hvoraf flere er flyvende i dk


Air Trikes

This is the sky of Koktebel, one of the most famous places for all Russian aviators. Consulting, design and manufacturing of trikes, retailing and maintanance in the field of Ultralight and Light Sport Aviation. They also offer engine convertion kits and propellers.


AirBorne Australia

Airborne specialise in the design and manufacture of hang gliders and microlight aircraft (trikes) for the serious adventure aviation enthusiast.



Best design and builder 4 stroke trike engine. Rigid Wing and HG trikes. Training tandem Paratrikes.


Albatross Flying Systems

Our products are constructed from the best materials. Some are available here in India and some specific materials like fabric for the wing and engines are imported. The materials that we use are consistent with worldwide standards for the manufacture of aero sports equipment and accessories.


Aliseo II 2006 FIB

Combining all the performance of the previous Aliseo model with a new sophisticated design and more powerful engine, the Aliseo II was created for those who want the best of everything. The Aliseo II looks right at home aboard the most luxurious yacht or behind your house on the bay. It has been considered one of the best toys to own; taking up little space and fuel, giving you the ability to fly over the most remote environments.


Antares Trikes

The Antares single place trike model A-10R477 Solo and the two place trikes model MA-32R503, MA-33MR582 and lately MA-33MR912 were originally developed for sport competition in Europe.



As specialists in the design and manufacture of microlight aircraft, we are able to offer pilots a complete range of flexwing trikes.


Aviation Products

The Aircraft - S.T.A.R.-Trike, builted since 1981, is based on the known proven ultra light technology and specially designed to meet numerous purposes.


Avio Delta Trikes

Developed in two main groups – single-seaters and double-seaters, the trikes of Avio Delta are easily distinguished by their lightness, elegance, power, reliability and safety, combined with comfort and stability both in the air and on the ground.


BB Ultralight Trikes

BB ULTRALIGHT TRIKE in HUNGARY produces the BB-01, BB-02 and BB-03 UL Family Group.


COSMOS, France

Cosmos is back in the air. We proudly announce to be able to provide again: ULM, trikes, wings, engines, parts, accesories and other products. Cosmos would like very much to establish contact again with those who were customers in the past. This, in order to keep existing planes in good condition and to provide all customers with the quality parts that they were used to get.


Delta Trike Aviation

Delta Trike Aviation (trike signifie tricycle pendulaire aux USA) a été fondé fin 1990 par Jean Michel DIZIER. Cette société est maintenant le 3° constructeur de ULM pendulaire en France. You do find some English phraes.


Die Silent Family von Helmut

The family consists of the Silent Racer, Silent Flyer, Silent GliderM and the Silent Glider.


Drachenstudio Kecur

Manufacturer of the Royal 912 and the Royal 1100S BMW trikes.


The technology of electric motors and high capacity batteries has finally reached the level of development where pure electric flight is now possible. The ElectraFlyer trike now makes this dream a reality!


Evolution Trikes

This newly US designed and manufactured, weight-shift-control aircraft (aka trike) leaves no compromises when it comes to comfort, looks and overall flight performance and handling.


Fly Air

Bugarian only paramotor manufaturer.......deliver also single seat trikes


Fly Hard Trikes, Inc.

Sky Cycle 103 legal trike manufacturer. We are located in Jasper, Tennessee. Sky Cycle has won numerous awards.



Depuis 2007, la société G Decouv'R, basée en Bourgogne, près de Dijon, fabrique des ULM pendulaires sur mesure



GRIF is an Italian company that produces both tike's wing and hang-glider CORSAIR, Trainer, CoachFeline, Gitaneecc. Every pilot need his wing, GRIF know it. - We produce the new KPL wings ( King Post Less ) for trike use CRS, TR, SP, EOS H2.


Joker Trike

Dieses Dreirad erstand aus dem Bedürfnis, eine neue Maschine zu schaffen, in der ein normaler Mann, d.h.ein zwei Meter großer Mann, ohne Probleme hineinpassen wird und die gleichzeitig höchsten Komfort bei den langen Flugen bieten wird.

Czech Republic

Kompol s.c.

Kompol is engaged in almost everything that has anything to do with flexwing trikes, that is: designing, building, maintenance, especially Jazz trike with Stratus wing, and also full ground- and flighttraining, skytours, advertising flights and others.


Krucker Manufacturing Ltd.

Manufacturer of the Cygnet amphibious trike, amphibious floats, fixed wings floats, trike floats, fuel tanks


North Wing Design

At North Wing our main design criteria is to offer you a choice of wings that delivers easy handling, making them fun to fly. We produce trikes and wings for trikes.


Pipistrel Trikes

Modern light and strong, well accessorized two seated comfortable tandem trikes. Made in long life composite materials and electrostatic powder coated hot paint protected steel.


PM Aviation

Manufacturers of Mainair Sports and Pegasus Aviation World Beating Aircraft

United Kingdom

Power Trike

Das Grundmerkmal aller Power Trike ist die Auslegung als Dreieckskäfig. Dieser bietet dem Piloten größtmöglichen Schutz bei Crash-Landungen.


Ramphos USA

We now have full German DULV Certification for the Ramphos/Sonic model



A trike designed and manufactured in the USA - The REVO, made from 4130 chromoly, carbon fibre, T-6 CNC aluminum and an abundance of commercial grade componets, is built to last.


Seair Technologies Inc.

Seair Technologies Inc.'s first product is the Seair Flying Boat. It has been in production for over a year, and has been featured in television and magazines.



Manufacturer of the side-by-side Diamand Twin trike.


Solo WIngs

SoloWings produce Aquilla and Windlass trikes.

South Africa

Tomi Aviation

Manufacturer of the Tomi-Cross 5 Sport trike.

Czech Republic

Trick Trikes

The best built trikes in the world.


Trike Icaros

Manufacturer of a number of trikes and wings.


Ultralight Design

Manufacturer of the electric Ego Trike and the Ego tandem plane.

Czech Republic

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