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Aviation museums and early flying birds

Aviation museums - mainly the Nordic countries - and sites about the Early Flying Birds and history of flight.

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Aeroseum Sweden

AEROSEUM - an internationally unique exhibition destination. Inside a declassified Swedish Air Force bunker carved out of solid rock, you will be able to take a journey through the History of Flight. Located only 15 minutes from the centre of Gothenburg, Aeroseum will be a continuously innovative, live installation. The adventure begins in the second half of 2005.


Airwar over Denmark

This home page is established to commemorate the Allied and German flyers that flew over Denmark during the Second World War and in some cases lost their lives in Denmark and the surrounding seas.



Welcome to Aviation Museum Denmark to be located at Værløse Airbase (Flystation Værløse) north of Copenhagen. The forthcoming museum and this site is run by the Danish Society for Denmark's Historical Aviation Museum, Værløse Denmark.


Aviation Museums in Europe

A collection of links on Yellow Eagle homepage.


Central Finland Aviation Museum

Central Finland Aviation Museum in TIKKAKOSKI shows Finnish aviation history from its beginning to the present days. The basic exhibition consists mainly of aircraft, engines and aircrew equipment which has been used by the Finnish Air Force.



DC-3 VENNERNE (DANISH DAKOTA FRIENDS) is an organization that, as one of its purposes, has to contribute financially to keep the air worthy DC-3 belonging to "Association For Flying Museum Aircraft" maintained and flying.


Danmarks Tekniske Museum

Ud over Ellehammers første fly, Catalina flyvebåden, som forsvaret brugte til transport- og redningsopgaver i danske og grønlandske farvande i 50-erne og 60-erne, ses også Maagen 2 (Donnet Lévêque flyvebåd), en af de første DC-3 trafikflyvemaskiner og det flotte jet-passagerfly Caravellen på udstillingen.


'Early Birds' Foundation

The 'Early Birds' Foundation aims to preserve the heritage of these and other 'early birds' by carefully restoring and rebuilding aircraft and engines. The results of these activities can be seen during airshows and by visiting our working museum.


European Federation Historic Aviation (EFHA)

The EFHA is a true European initiative and is being founded to ensure a future for historic aviation.


Flyghistoria is for everyone interested in aircraft, aviators and adventures up in the blue, from the dawn of time to right about now. Welcome aboard.



Links til bl.a. danske militærmuseer.


Mikael Carlson Flying Machines!

Welcome to the official homepage of Mikael Carlson Flying Machines! On these pages we hope you'll find most of the things you want to know about Mikael and his aeroplanes. Mikael Carlson owns and flies two of these Blériot XI’s, orginally built by AETA - AB Enoch Thulins Aeroplanfabrik. The first one was found by Mikael in a barn in the late 80’s, disassembled but complete.


Spitsbergen Airship Museum

Spitsbergen Airship Museum is to be opened in 2008. The purpose shall be to, in a neutral way, impart the history and importance 3 airships have had in the Arctic.


Svedino's Automobile and Aviation Museum

Svedino's Automobile and Aviation Museum is one of the biggest collections in Europe of vintage cars and aircraft. The collection comprises around 140 cars, 35 aircraft, motorcycles, engines etc.



Many, many classic and vintage ultralight airplane pictures and descriptions.


Vandel Bunker-Museum

Vandel Bunker-Museum er beliggende på den tidligere Flyvestation Vandel, kun 5 km øst for Billund og Legoland. Museet er indrettet i en 250 m2 stor atombombe-sikker eskadrille-bunker fra det danske flyvevåben.


Västerås Flygmuseum

In 1997 interested parties at Hässlö Airport Västerås formed an umbrella organisation to run Västerås Aircraft Museum. The mu- seum is housed in a hangar from the 1930s. The hangar itself is an interesting wooden construction built for use as a Swedish Air Force maintenancebase, just before WWII.


Zeppelin Museum Tønder

From 1864 to 1920 the now Danish area "Sønderjylland", including the city Tønder, was German territory. Trough the First World War Tønder entered both the war-history and the history of technology caused by the Germans fear for a confrontation with the Royal British Navy.


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