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Aviation safety information for pilots

The links in this group guides you directly to sites with safety information leaflets, booklets and similar stuff.

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Aircraft Test Equipment

We are the Avionics Test Equipment Experts providing full support to the airlines, aircraft operators, maintenance facilities and avionics and aircraft repairmen around the world. We buy, sell, lease and rent new and used aviation test equipment and tools. AvionTEq also provides added services such as help with repair, maintenance and calibration of aircraft test equipment.


Aviation Accident Prevention Program

The documents are provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as part of the Accident Prevention and Runway Safety Program


Aviation Safety

Aviation Safety, the monthly journal of risk management and accident prevention, is packed with useful, timely information on basic and advanced technique, accident analysis and, most important, practical articles on how you can develop the judgment that will keep you in the air and out of the NTSB's files.


Aviation Safety Publications & Videos from Transport Canada

It is distributed to all holders of a valid Canadian pilot licence or permit, and to all holders of a valid Canadian aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) licence.


Aviators' Model Code of Conduct (AMCC)

SecureAv is the primary resource site for the Aviators' Model Code of Conduct (AMCC) and supporting materials. Its mission is to provide recommended voluntary practices to advance flight safety, airmanship, and the general aviation community.


CAA New Zealand, info material.

In New Zealand there are about 9000 pilots and 3350 aircraft. Their safety is overseen by the CAA.

New Zealand

CAA UK, The Civil Aviation Authority

General Aviation Safety Information Leaflets from CAA in the UK.

United Kingdom

Ditching - landing on water

Many cases and much information about landing on water.


Ditching Aircraft

The majority of aeroplanes are not designed for ditching! - However, having said that, the statistical chances of surviving a ditching are high. - Read more.


Drifthandbok för privatflygare (H50P)

(In Swedish) Seminarie-/kompendiegruppen har sedan våren 2001 ägnat en stor del av tiden till framställning av "Drifthandbok för Privatflygare" - "DHB/P". Handboken är utformad för att täcka gapet mellan BCL, utbildning och praktiskt flygande.


EGAST Safety Promotion Page

Library of links, documents, videos, leaflet of interest to EGAST - EGAST, is a partnership to facilitate aviation authorities, industries and associations to share their efforts to reach our common goal of reducing General Aviation accidents.

European Union

Equipped to Survive - Water or Trees?

If you fly long enough and often enough, sooner or later you'll face the prospect of having to put an airplane on the deck in a hurry. If you're lucky, it'll be due to just a sick passenger or maybe a rough engine. But it could just as well be a full-up-oil-on-the-windshield forced landing.


Flight Safety Australia

Flight Safety Australia is CASA's safety magazine. It is distributed bi-monthly to over 90,000 people involved in Australian aviation. - Lot of good articles for ultralight and microlightpilots also.


Flight Safety Australia ATSB

Current and back issues of Flight Safety Australia, a quarterly magazine produced by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, are available on their website.


Free Checklists

Support this resource by donating / contributing checklists and other material of your own creation.


FAA Aviation News

Safety first for general aviation. FAA Aviation News is published six times each year in the interest of aviation safety.


GAP NZ Booklets

Booklets af any purpose available for you.

New Zealand


General Aviation Safety Information Leaflet. The CAA Accident Prevention Leaflet.

United Kingdom

Good Aviation Practice - GAP - New Zealand

"How to" booklets and Good Aviaton Booklets of any kind free of charge.

New Zealand


Gremline is an independent online magazine dedicated to the dissemination of information on flight safety to the General Aviation community

United Kingdom

Impossible Turn

Turning back is the worst possible action when the powerplant fails during climbout in a single.


John Brandon's 'Fly Safe!' tutorials

The intent of the tutorials and guides is to improve the underpinning knowledge and thus the situational awareness, airmanship and ultimately, the safety of sport and recreational pilots (whether novice or experienced) and their passengers.


LAMA Safety

This site is a resource for safety information regarding light aircraft. This resource is provided by the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA).


OY-SIK (magazine about aviation safety in Danish)

Velkommen til OY-SIK - Et blad til støtte og fremme af dialogen om flyvesikkerhed. SLV udgiver OY-SIK i samarbejde med frivillige flysikpiloter fra klubber over hele landet.


Prepare for Ditching

Have you ever given thought to what you would do if you found yourself strapped in upside down in a sinking aircraft? Imagine flying along on a nice warm day, the next moment, being trapped inside an aircraft with cold water rushing in



Aircraft flight safety information for pilots. Learn cockpit resource management and aviation safety concepts with interactive program. Training software for private, commercial, ATP, Instrument.


Publications and Videos

The publications listed on this page are available to the public for purchase or free download, where applicable, from Transport Canada's Online Publications Storefront.


Safety Information from IAA

The IAA is keen to bring to the attention of the General Aviation community the considerable amount of good quality guidance and advisory material.


Safety Sense Leaflets

General Aviation Safety Sense Leaflets from CAA UK.

United Kingdom

Safety Spot on LAA

Here you can acces Safety Spot articles which may be of interest.

United Kingdom


SKYbrary is an initiative of EUROCONTROL, ICAO, and The Flight Safety Foundation aimed at developing a comprehensive source of aviation safety information and making it available to users worldwide.

European Union

SKYbrary Bookshelf

A collection of information material about aviation safety with contribution of EUROCONTROL, ICAO, The Flight Safety Foundation, The UK Flight Safety Committee and The EASA European Safety Stragtegy Initiative

European Union

Swiss Cheese Model on Wikipedia

In the Swiss Cheese model, individual weaknesses are modelled as holes in slices of Swiss cheese. They represent the imperfections in individual safeguards or defences, which in the real world rarely approach the ideal of being completely proof against failure.


VECTOR, Pointer to Safer Aviation

Published by: the Communications and Safety Education Unit of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand,

New Zealand

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