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Aviation Humour and Crazy Pictures and Stuff for Pilots

It is easy to find Aviation Humour sites on the Internet, but there seem not to be a lot of ultralight and microlight aviation humour sites - despite that you have much more fun flying an ultralight plane!

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Description of ultralight aviation site


Aviation Humour, Anecdotes and cartoons

In this, slowly expanding, website you can find general information, a lot of aviation humor and cartoons, more details about the books we have published and how to get your personal copy.


Chicken Wings Comics

Lots of strips........

European Union

Flying Toys

FLYING TOYS LTD - NUMBER ONE FOR FLYING FUN! Distributing an amazing collection of fantastic Flying Toys sourced from Leading Manufacturers around the World



OOPS-Pictures - have fun!



Aviation humour on Schiratti.Com

United Kingdom

Swamp Cartoon

Welcome to the Swamp Cartoon Strip by Gary Clark. See all your favourite characters - Ding Duck, Old Man Croc, Wart & Mort Frogs, Dump Rats and the entire cast of The Swamp.


Thirtytousandfeet Humor

Tons of aviation humor and other stuff.


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