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Authorities for ultralight aviation

The Nordic, JAA and a few more aviation authorities are found here.

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Avinor AS is a state owned limited company. Avinor owns and operates 46 airports all over the country, 14 in association with the armed forces. Avinor is responsible for air traffic control services in Norway.


Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

The CAA establishes civil aviation safety and security standards, and monitors adherence to those standards.

New Zealand

CAA, Civil Aviation Authorities UK

CAA advises the Government on aviation issues

United Kingdom

Flugmalastjörn Islands

Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration Reykjavik Airport IS 101 Reykjavík. English version is under construction.


Flyvesikringstjenesten - Naviair

The Danish Air Safety Authority. It is Naviair´s mission to provide Air Traffic Management safely and efficiently for the benefit of airspace users.


IAA Microlights

Under the Irish Aviation Authority (Personnel Licensing) Orders, a pilot of a microlight aeroplane is required to hold a Private Pilot Licence (Microlight) (abbreviated "PPL(M)").



The Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) is an associated body of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)


Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA)

Federal Office of Aviation, 1998, Braunschweig, Hermann Blenk Hermann-Blenk-Strasse 26 the Federal Office of Aviation (LBA) was established by law from 30 November 1954 (BGBl I P. 354) as federal upper authority for tasks of the civil aviation.


Luftfartstilsynet Norway

Civil Aviation Authority, CAA, Norway. Norwegian avionic laws and regulations (AIC). Many links.


Luftfartsverket - Sweden

The Swedish70-410 Civil Aviation Administration - ATC - The Swedish CAA operates 19 airports in Sweden and is responsible for air navigation 050-SEPROAUTH-02services, safety and oversight in the Swedish civil aviation sector.


Trafikstyrelsen (TRS)

The Danish Civil Aviation Administration (DCAA)


Trafikstyrelsen (TRS), Gebyrreglementet

BL 9-10, Bestemmelser om Statens Luftfartsvæsens gebyrer mv.


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