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How to fly light airplanes

Perceptions: how to use your eyes, your ears, your fingertips, and the seat of your pants to gather the information you need when flying an ultralight aircraft. Procedures: how to use your hands and feet to make the ultralight airplane do what you want. Principles: how to organize your thinking to make your flying easier and safer.

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James Wiebe, CEO of Belite Aircraft blogs about ultralight flight

Musings from James Wiebe, CEO of Belite Aircraft on ultralight flight and flying. With many years of flying experience, James, a proven electronics engineer, has redefined ultralight flight with the Belite Aircraft and Featherweight Avionics. Read about the technology and the experience.



Landings involve procedures and perceptions that are just a little bit different from those involved in other phases of flight. A few of them are discussed in this chapter in John S. Denker's brilliant book "See How It Flies", which has been available on the WWW since 1996.


Mountain Flying

Flight safety in the mountains is not an elusive or difficult concept, but it does require an awareness and understanding of the hazards associated with mountain flight to reduce the risk and bring about an enjoyable experience.


See How It Flies

A new spin on the perceptions, procedures and principles of flight. By John S. Denker.



A compilation of information that every pilot should know


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