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Manufacturers of ultralight/microlight Motorgliders

Flying ultralight motorglider is the ultimate way of flying - take of on your own and enjoy the silence with the thermals.

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AE-1 Silent electric glider the first series production electric motor glider with retractable propeller.



The company ALISPORT is designing, testing, manufacturing and selling cost effective light gliders, permitting soaring from even the smallest of airfields. Alisport also produces the YUMA stol aircraft and the Avtek line of propellers and aircraft accessories.


ALPAERO Motorgliders

Choucas is a side-by-side touring motorglider of tailless configuration. This interesting motorglider is a very enjoyable homebuilt project, using a fast-build fuselage kit. The Exel is the latest single-seater. It is available as a fast-build kit or ready to fly, and uses composite materials only.


AMS Flight, Magnus

Magnus is a 2-seater UL motorglider with 3 engine options: Jabiru 2200, SauerS2100 UL and Rotax 912 ULS. ("coming soon")



This is a very light, minimal, motorized glider based on the GOAT design of Mike Sandlin. The website is in Italian but can be translated to English via Google.


Composite Airplanes

25 of May was tried ultralight glider "VIVA" with wingspan about 17meters by Mr. Unzeitig in Orličan Choceņ. In this time has gliding more than 10 hours with out off engine and performances are excellent. Calculated lubricity in 100 km/h is "40".

Czech Republic


We provide you with all essential information about the ultralight sailplane ULF-1 and the ultralight motorglider ULF-2.


ELF from X-C Aviation

A single seat ultralight motorglider with an empthyweight of 145 kg


EXEL Motorglider

The Exel is a very simple motorglider concept with no retractable engine or propeller but with enough soaring performance to fly long distances.


GRAAL Motorglider

The Graal is a rigid self-launching one-seat glider conforming to French and FAI ultralight rules.


KR010 ELF Motorglider

Created by sailplane and light aircraft designer Jerzy Krawczyk, the Elf is the first of a new generation of high quality, high-tech, low cost ultralight aircraft offering pilots significant cross-country flying and the capacity to thermal and ridge soar, engine off.

United Kingdom

Project Selene

A kit to convert an ASW 20 to a self launching motor glider.

South Africa

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