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Manufacturers of ultralight and VLR helicopters

Ultralight and VLR helicopters are not often seen in Scandinavia - yet.

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CH-7 Helisport Helicopters

Manufacturer of CH7 Kompress, CH7 Kompress Charlie, CH7 Kompress Charlie2 and CH77 Ranabot


Cicare Europe

CICARE, S.A. is an Argentinian company dedicated to design and manufacture light helicopters

Argentine Republic

FAMA Helicopters

KISS209M, a 2 place ultralight helicopter, made in Italy.


Helicycle Helicopter

Someone has commented that a helicopter is like a bowl of jelly. Punch it in one place and it will shake in another. But this one is not. Emptyweight around 190 kg single seat.


LH212 Ultralight Helicopter

The LH212 Delta is a robust yet manoeuvrable two-seater Ultralight Helicopter. With a ROTAX 914 engine and 4-cylinder turbo, the LH212 Delta is suitable for various tasks at low operating cost. Its titanium alloy frame makes it sturdy and yet light enough to reduce weight.


Redback Aviation

Redback Aviation is the home of experimental homebuilt, plans built and kit built ultralight helicopters. We bring you a Google helicopter specific search engine, discussion forum, plus lots of interesting helicopter pictures, videos and stories.


Sherpa from Sagita

The SHERPA is a two seater ULM helicopter designed according to EASA-VLR.



The Mosquito Ultralight Helicopter. A real helicopter that you can build and fly from a complete kit. Start building your Mosquito for only $2,495.00


VC200 Volocopter

As the federal ministry of economics and technology granted 2 million as a subsidy of the project-related costs, e-volo is working together with a research and industry syndicate to build the VC200, the first Volocopter in the world to carry two people. Read more


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