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Distributors, importers, agents, suppliers and dealers of ultralight and microlight planes, and of engines and parts, equipment and accessories for ultralight and microlight planes as well as service, in rest of the World.

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Adroit Technology Aviation Division

Adroit is the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific distributor for the Italian aircraft manufacturer, SG Aviation, including Rally 105.


AERO Lithium Batteries

Lithium lightweight airplane starting batteries are for those that want faster acceleration, increased useful load, shorter takeoffs and landings, have weight and balance issues, want less mass/ stress during hard G turns, no maintenence, install anywhere, and like being on the leading edge of technology.


Aero Propulsion Technologies

Aero Propulsion Technologies is the Rotech Research Authorized Service Center for Rotax Aircraft Engines in Eastern Canada. We offer all the engines, parts, accessories and services you need to power your projects! Technical advice, information, tips and troubleshooting for Rotax Aircraft Engines



AeroKits P/L is now the Official Importer and Parts Stockist for all things Savannah/ICPsrl.



Are you planning to fly to Portugal? Check with this site first. Ultralight school, Rotax Authorized Service Center and they represents lot of the welknown ultralight brands.



AeroSport, LLC is proud to be the U.S. Distributor for SkyReach (Pty) Ltd ZA.



Ultralight aircrafts (Magic UL), engines, instruments, parts, hardware, equipments and accessories for UL pilots.


Aerosports Matkaris

The Aerosports Matkaris was founded in Olympiada, Kozani, Greece, in the year 2000 and is the exclusive representative of the Italian I.C.P company, an U/L aircraft and aviation instrument and accessories manufacturer, for Greece and FYROM. We import the Savannah and Amigo U/L planes.



The distributor of Aerospool, Aeroprakt, Pipistrel, Edra for Baltic countries. - Pilot & avionics shop! FLIGHT SCHOOL!



The Aerotrek A220 and A240 are factory-built two-seat aircraft manufactured by Aeropro CZ in Europe.



Aeroversand Hamburg offers aviation products at very low prices like headsets, GPS, transceivers, and intercom.


AGRIVAL Aviation

AGRIVAL Aviation is a new division of AGRIVAL company which was established in 1949. All aviation activities are carried out from LGMG Airport (Megara, Pachi) 35 Km west of Athens city AA is dealer and distributor for EVEKTOR Aerotechnik company from CZ for their ultralight, LSA and GA aircraft for Greece and Cyprus. AA is also Certified Rotax Aircraft Engines Service Center for Greece offering the most competitive prices for Rotax engines, parts and service. AA is GARMIN Avionics Dealer for Greece and is also operating a HCAA certified UL Flying school. The company imports and sells all types of parts, instruments, avionics, accessories for all types of UL and GA aeroplanes.


Air occitanie

We are exclusive dealer of ultralight BRM for France-Benelux-Switzerland and exclusive european delaer for Aeroleds strobes and MVEN safety parachute


Air Parts Unlimited LCC

US distributor of HKS700E and HKS700T engines.


Air Team

Order your professional service from the experts - the sale of selected services, our work does not end, we provide a complete service!

Czech Republic

Aircraft Parts & Sales, Canada

Has been in the light aircraft industry since 1988 selling Chinook Plus 2 or Beaver RX 550 Plus, propellers and parts.



Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company carries everything a pilot could need, including pilot supplies and aircraft parts, always at the lowest prices.


Aircraft Spruce Europe

Sandelving Aviation Supply is an Aircraft Spruce registered dealer for the European market. For airplane parts and pilot supplies,


Airnet Slovenia

AIRNET is a privately owned company based in Celje, Slovenia, established in 1997 for the purpose of becoming the biggest aircraft (also UL) and aviation dealer and after sales service facility in this part of Europe.


Airplan Flight Equipment

Excellent company and very helpful, great product range for the ultralight pilot and homebuilder.

United Kingdom

Air-Tech Inc.

Air-Tech, Inc. is a full service ultralight aircraft business. Our business criteria includes: sales of new and used aircraft, certified ultralight flight training, parts inventory and complete services in all aspects of flying.


Airworld UK

Within this site you will find over 1000 items that are waiting in stock for immediate dispatch, all at extremely competitive prices.

United Kingdom

Alaskan Bushwheel Inc.

Welcome to your source for Landing Solutions.


Allegro 2000 from Fantasy Air Australia

The Allegro 2000 Sport Aircraft is a 2-seat, high-wing monoplane designed for sport and recreational flying as well as for student pilot training, available with Rotax 582, 912 and Jabiru engines.


APIS2 Motorglider

Discovering the love for soaring is usually generating a love for a lifetime. And it is about the same with discovering the simplicity Ultralight flying offers.



Productline: AveoEngineer AveoFreeSpeech AveoFuelMiser AveoGLT AveoNavigator AveoPilot AveoSkyWay AveoTraffiCom AveoTransCom Aveophantom Aircraft AveoDFD AveoDFD Nano AveoFlash AveoBeam

Slovak Republic


AVICOM (Israel) Ltd. is an Israeli company focused on promoting the lighter side of aviation, i.e. General Aviation., Ultralight, Homebuilt and the emerging Light Sport. - "AVICOM" starts to manufacture the EARTHSTAR designed single seater Gull 2000 and the two seater ODYSSEY.


B&B Sport Aviation

Sales of KievProp propellers, Rans and Paradise aircrafts and pieceparts and training.


B.O.T. Aircraft Ltd.

Umbrella company for distributors in Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland of the SC07 ultralight aircraft.

European Union

Bing International L.L.C.

The only factory authorized franchise for Bing International for North America, South America and Australia.


Breezer Aircraft

The UK agent for teh German Breezer Aircraft

United Kingdom

Breezer UK

Breezer Aircraft UK is part of Absolute Aviation Ltd in partnership with Breezer Aircraft, designed and manufactured in Germany.

United Kingdom


Distributors of Zenith Aircraft for Canadian builders and pilots - We provide kits for the Zenith CH601, CH701, CH801 and CH640 models in various states of build, to meet the range of requirements of the Canadian market.


Carolina Ultralights and Sportplanes

We are the USA Distributor & Importer for Xair! - We specialize in X-air and Flightstar ultralights and sport planes - one place and two place models that are great fun and very safe to fly



Western Canadian Challenger dealer in Alberta


Chief Aircraft

Aviation Art, transceivers, transponders, GPS, headsets, watches, instruments and a lot more.


Corvus Aircraft

The 'Crusader' aircraft is amazing...a side by side two seat kit plane that can use four different engine types...can operate in three different all up weight categories with a version that is fully Aerobatic.....what more could you ask for ???

United Kingdom

Cosmik Aviation

Cosmik is a CAA, A1 Approved Company and is able to produce the teamEurostar Ready To Fly Microlight Aircraft in its Warwickshire factory. TeamEurostar Kits are available for both Microlights and VLA (Group A) aircraft, and EuroStar SL kits are available for VLA (Group A) aircraft. Please phone if you would like to arrange a trial flight or demonstration.

United Kingdom


Creative new products for experimantal aircrafts.


CT Aviation

Rotax 2 & 4 stroke engine, service, overhauls & repairs. Skydrive trained engineer with many years experience on both 2 and 4 stroke Rotax engines. BMAA inspector and check pilot for both flexwing and fixed wing microlights.

United Kingdom

CT-Vertrieb / UL-GmbH

Mit der SW hat die 2K seit Frühsommer 2003 eine neue Schwester bekommen. Die SW mit ca. 80 cm kürzeren Flügeln hat nochmals an Eigenstabilität gewonnen und ist durch geringeren Bodeneffekt sehr einfach zu landen und dabei 5 km/h schneller als die 2K.



Did you know that CYCLOON HOLLAND is the official representative for all Czech (microlight) aircraft types? We offer top quality and very attractive prices in comparison with Western European aircraft manufacturers.


Czech Sport Aircraft CSA

The US distributor of the WT-9 from AeroSpool and M6 amphibian from Wet Aero. - The US Sportcruiser Support.


Delcom Airband Radio

Specialize in aviation business: distributing radio transceivers including handheld, mobile, base station, repeater and customize radio systems.


Der Savage

Klassischer Flugzeugbau vereint mit innovativer Technik. Was entsteht ist ein robustes Buschflugzeug im klassischen Piper Cub Look from ZLIN Aviation.


Desser Tire & Rubber Company

Desser Tire & Rubber Company is one of the world's leading suppliers of aircraft tires and tubes. From our Los Angeles, California (Manufacturing & Distribution) and Memphis, Tennessee (Distribution) we provide over 100,000 aircraft tires and tubes annually in over 85 countries. We proudly feature Goodyear, Michelin, and Specialty (Mc Creary) as well as aircraft tires and tubes from Aero Classic, Bridgestone, and Dunlop.



Southern African agents for the EuroStar & SportStar from Evektor-Aerotechnik, the Allegro from Fantasy Air, and the A-22 Foxabt, A-20, A-24, A-26, A-28, A-36 from Aeroprakt. We also sell KievProp propellers, Galaxy GRS ballistic parachutes, Xcom 760 VHF radios and other aviation related products.

South Africa

Dual Carb Heat for Bing64

The Dual-Heat carburetor heat kit is designed for the Bing 64 carb found on Jabiru 2200, 3300 and 5100's, and Rotec R2800 and R3600 engines. Available from Barnstormers.


Eastern Avionics Int´l

Eastern Avionics is your complete avionics and electronics source with: avionics, instruments, transceivers, transponders, headsets, intercom and a lot more.



If you are looking for a 2 place side by side, reliable, high quality, easy to fly and does not cost a fortune, the EuroCub Mk. IV is the plane for you! Built by Danex in Hungary. Very popular in the Scandinavian countries.


Eurofox US disty

The EuroFox is manufactured by the AEROPRO company in Europe and has been in production since 1990 with over 143 aircraft now having been produced. The EuroFox is a classic tube-and-fabric aircraft with modern features and constructed with the finest workmanship meeting the US LSA rules.


EWS Canada

Welcome to EWS Aviation and Business Services. Canadian agent for Flight Design (CTSW), Schempp-Hirth, AMS Flight, EASY Match Box, Airborne Mountainhigh O2


Fantasy Air USA

The US distributor for Fantasy 2007 aircraft.


Flight Design USA

Flight Design USA is the US importer of the welknown German aircraft. The Flight Design CT is the performance leader in Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) due to its remarkable design and high-tech construction. CT stands for Composite-Technology and the name is correct.


Flightline 760 Transceiver

•Frequency range : 118.00 to 136.975MHz (Receive:108.00 to 136.975MHz) •Channel spacing : 25kHz •2-1/4" panel mount



Flying Helmets, Intercoms and Radios Communication systems for Microlights and General Aviation.

United Kingdom

Flydiver US

US dealer for Verner Motor.


Flylight Airsports Ltd.

The new KISS 400 Trike and the 3-axis Skyranger and the Doodle Bug modern motordriven hangglider.

United Kingdom

Foxbat Australia

This site includes everything you need to know about our aircraft, including current specifications, prices and all the options available to customise your new aircraft.


Gobosh Aviation (LSA)

Gobosh Aviation is unique among a field of LSA start-up aircraft importers, distributors and dealers. Gobosh is an American company whose roots go deep into the highly-structured world of FAA-certified aircraft. Using that expertise, Gobosh works directly with LSA manufacturers to design, customize and standardize aircraft specifically for the American market.


Green Sky Adventure

Micro Mong biplane, Zippy Sport, HKS engine, HACman mixture controller - Crossing Over Rotax 582 UL vs HKS700-E - Is it a black and white decision?


GSAL - Grass Strip Aviation Ltd

Grass Strip Aviation Ltd was formed in June 2007 with the intention of importing American FAR Part 103-compliant aircraft into the UK to take advantage of CAA Exemption No.633 covering sub-115kg microlights.

United Kingdom

Hangar Tools

For quality tools and lifts for aviation there has not been a supplier in Europe. Hangar tools fills that gap by designing quality hangar lifts and Helicopter trolleys/platforms. By producing them central in Europe (the Netherlands) we are always just 1 flight away.


Hayes Aero

We are a factory authorized RANS dealer as well as a fully certified Rotax Repair Station.


HKS Aviation UK

Welcome to ConAir Sports Ltd, the UK distributor for HKS aircraft engines. - ConAir Sports is also the UK’s only Skydrive appointed Service Centre for Rotax engines, distributor for Cors-Air paramotor engines, TL Elektronic engine and aircraft instruments, Digatron racing instruments and Thermoflash heated clothing.

United Kingdom


Hyperflite Specialists in design, manufacture and modification of light sport aircraft including Engine installation and system modifications. - Hyperflite represents the UL260i from UL Power and the Mission 106 from Lambert Aircraft Engineering.

United Kingdom

ICP Aviation N-America

Site under construction


Illusion Strobes

Since 1978 Dan White has been designing and producing one of the finest Strobe Light systems for ultralight type aircraft.



IVOPROP propellers from L'il Hustler's Ultralight Store in Canada. Very good and informative page.


Jabiru Aircraft & Engines

Welcome to the world of the Australian designed and manufactured Jabiru Aircraft & Jabiru aero engines.

South Africa

Jabiru Motors Deutschland GMBH

Jabiru Motors Deutschland GmbH steht für hochqualifizierten Motorenbau in Verbindung mit gründlicher Prüfung. Das Unternehmen wurde im Frühjahr 2010 gegründet um den Vertrieb der Jabiru Motoren zu übernehmen.


Jabiru Pacific LCC

We would like to thank all of you for giving us the opportunity to provide your Jabiru engine solutions. Time is like a river and our time has passed, we have determined that it is time to move onto our next adventures. That being said, for continued support and sales, contact Jabiru Australia or Jabiru USA


Jabiru USA

North America's Full Service Jabiru Builders Center.


Jabiru, Scandinavian Dealer

Paul Garstad AS, Norway is the Nordic dealer of Jabiru aircrafts and engines.


JHP 500 and JHP 520 transceivers from JRC

The JHP 500 and JHP 520 avionic transceivers from JRC in Japan are available from most avionic stores in the USA, AVMART among others. 760 ch, dual watch, instant memory write, active/standby frequency control, 5 watt output and much more.


JMH Innovations LLC

Electronic landinglight, position light, taillight and rotating beacon med by LED's. Hight efficiency and low current comsumption.


John Washbrooke

Freebird Aviation's aviation experience comes from over 45 years in the aircraft industry, covering management, aircraft manufacture, maintenance and operational aspects. Now we are bringing a new level of aircraft ownership to working people, with the quick-built Freebird LiteSport Kit aircraft can be assembled in less than 150 hours. We are also offering a builder’s assistance and Ultralight flight training programs. Even though the Freebird range of aircraft have wings that can be removed in under 20 minutes and your aircraft loaded on a trailer to take home to your garage.


Junkers Profly

On-line shop, UL charter, avionics, Magnum safety systems, parashutes, on-line auktion and a lot more.


Karine Bovereux

We have specialized ourselves over the course of the last years in the supply of flight instruments and accessories for ultra light and homebuilt aircrafts. Our Sales Office for correspondence is located on Muret Lherm Airfield (Haute-Garonne, France).


Kennon Aircraft Covers

Kennon Aircraft Covers manufactures protective covers, sun shields, and heat screens for general aviation, business aviation and military aviation air planes and helicopters. Shop securely online


KievProp America

Importer of the KievProp. Representing America and Japan. Sister company to B&B Sport Aviation.


Klixon Circuit Breakers

Find residential and industrial circuit breakers in 1-4 poles and various amperage from Klixon.


Korella's Aero-Service

Im Flight-Center Menü finden Sie unser komplettes Flug-Dienstleistungsangebot! Bitte informieren sie sich...


Las Aerospace Ltd.

A UK aviation catalogue company, also represents Aircraft Spruce in the UK.

United Kingdom

Light Aircraft Instruments

At Light Aircraft Instruments, we are dedicated to providing the light aircraft pilot with a full range of reliable and high quality instrumentation.

Czech Republic

Light Sport Airplanes West

Light Sport Aircraft Dealers for: Tecnam Bravo, Tecnam Echo Super, Tecnam Sierra, Flight Design CT Cruiser, Sting Sport, Evektor Sport Star


Lost Hill Aviation

Committed to perfection, quality, safety and client satisfaction, providing aviation services including fabrication, engine installations, fabric covering, painting and the designing and manufacturing of our own Oberon high wind side-by-side two-seater aircraft.



Affordable microlight helmets, microlight intercoms, avionics equipment for microlight aircraft, CAA charts, pilots charts, microlight spares and related aviation products for the aviators of Paramotor, microlight, Gyrocopter & GA aircraft.

United Kingdom offers high performance ultralight/LSA, kit built aircraft 2 seaters and 4 seaters, including the all range of carbon fibre Dyn'aero aircraft and OEM products that can reduce fuel consumption, reduce noise pollution, improve engine performances and lifetime, reduce operating costs and improve aircraft management including DUC propellers, Scai-Tech silencers, Safetyplane management solution.


LX Avionics

UK distributor for Funkwerk Avionics, TRIG, Winter Instruments and other stuff.

United Kingdom

Lyndhurst Touchdown

Agents for: Dyn' Aéro arguably the most advanced kit aircraft in the world. Arplast composite propellers - Grand Rapids Engine Information System - Lynx communication equipment - Icom Radios and transceivers.

United Kingdom

LZ - Czech Aircrafts and Ultralights dealer in Poland

LZ company is one of the biggest merchandisers of the Czech aviation products like the Eurostar, Allegro 2000 ultralights and Woodcomp propellers in Poland.


Magic Trikes

US distributor of Magic Trikes from Ace Aviation. Part 103 legal. Choice of wings and engines.


MAMBA AIR s.r.o.

Firma MAMBA AIR s.r.o je výhradním dovozcem ultralehkých vrtulníkù CH-7 KOMPRESS italské výroby pro Èeskou Republiku, Slovensko a Polsko.

Czech Republic

Martin Wezel Flugzeugtechnik

German distributor of TL96, TL96 Sting, TL232 Condor, Apis2 and TL Elektronic Instrumente.


Micro Aviation S.A.

HOME OF THE BANTAM B22 SERIES (The best selling light-aircraft in Africa), THE APOLLO FOX SERIES (Best priced Fox on the market), THE AIRO AIRCRAFT SERIES, THE UL260i FUEL INJECTED AERO ENGINE AND THE FPNA VALOR (ASTM Certified LSA).

South Africa

Microlight Aviation

Microlight Aviation is a joint Indo-European consortium of Microlight, LSA, and Autogyro manufacturers created to promote and encourage light aviation as an affordable and economic mode of transport and other aviation related activities.The aircraft are special Indianised versions specifically redesigned to endure the vagaries and extremities of the Indian weather while catering to the requirements of the Indian Aviator.


Microlight Sport Aviation Ltd., MSA

EDMO ARE OUR PRINCIPAL SUPPLIERS IN THE USA of survival Equipment, GPS Systems, Lynx Intercoms, COMMUNICA Intercoms/headsets/helmets, Books, Software, Navigation Equipment, Spares & frequently used parts, Hardware, tools, nuts, bolts, pins, Instruments, Clothing.

United Kingdom

Midwest Sport Aviation

We are a new company founded with the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)/Sport Pilot in mind. We will be providing several quality aircraft to the US Market from Bilsam Aviation in Poland.


MXP740 - Savannah

All metal, high wing SLA with Jabiru 2200 - The Savannah, the ideal aircraft for pilots desiring the higher cruise speeds available with aircraft in the Small Light Aircraft (SLA) category.

United Kingdom

National Ultralight Inc.

The Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Challenger and a lot more. A webpage when it is best.



Welcome to P.R.E.L. Aerosporting pages, the first authorized by the Greek Civil Aviation Authority Training Center for Ultra Lights in Greece. P.R.E.L. Aerosporting provides training in ultralights aircrafts (3-axies and trikes) and is representative in Greece of IKARUS, X-AIR, FLY SYNTHESIS, AIR CREATION, COSMOS, PEGASUS etc.


Parts for Aircrafts

Parts For Aircraft was established in 2006. We are one of the largest dealers worldwide for MGL Avionics digital instruments. We stock the full range and sell at keen prices. We also hold over 1000 lines, tailored to the needs of the aircraft kit builder and owners of permit aircraft. We are dealers for Cover Systems aircraft covers, and appointed agents for Aircraft Spruce.

United Kingdom

Pioneer 200 and Pioneer 300

The German distributor for the Italian Pioneer 200 and Pioneer 300 low winged two seater manufactured by Alpi Aviation.


Pipistrel Australia

The Pipistrel - Sinus, Virus and Taurus Motorgliders are now available in Australia and New Zealand. They are type certified and approved for training, hire or private flying when registered through Recreational Aviation Australia.


Pipistrel Hellas

Founder of Pipistrel Hellas and owner of the above mentioned Sinus 912, is Mr. Michael Anastasiou. His aviation background is extensive and the decision to represent Pipistrel aircraft exclusively in Greece was done after careful analysis of the ultralight industry.


Pipistrel USA

The Pipistrel Sinus and Virus are the world's first Ultralight Certified composite two-seater motorgliders. Made from the same JAR 22 long life composite materials.



North American Distributor For BRM Aircraft. - Canadian distributor for BRS parachutes.



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PM Aviation - USA

US importer for P&M Pegasus Quik and Quik GT450 Light Sport trikes. SLSA & ELSA.


Polishing Company, The

The single biggest cause of damage to microlights is UV degradation. It is a fact that in five months of continuous exposure to sunlight, Dacron will loose 85% of its tear strength! Now you can restore the colour and protect your valuable asset with 303 Aerospace Protectant.

United Kingdom

Power Chute

The importer of Aerochute powered parachute.

United Kingdom

Prekas, Holland

Official dealer for the Netherlands of Rans and DynAero


Rainbow Aviation Services

Rainbow Aviation, specializing in Sport Aviation, was established in 1991 as a full service FBO, is now currently the only full service Sport Pilot facility in the United States.


Recreational Power Engineering

U.S. distributor for Hirth Engines


Rollison Light Sport Aircraft, Inc.

Distributor in the USA and Canada for the EUROFOX: quick-folding wings (1 person - 10 minutes!) easy 110 mph cruise with Rotax 912S engine over 200 manufactured since 1990 S-LSA approved


Sabre Aircraft, South Africa.

The importers of this Chech produces low winged two seater will be based at the new Solitude Airfield, south of Johannesburg, where a comprehensive after sales support service will be on hand.

South Africa

SAF Speciel Air Flugdienst KG

The German dealer for Quicksilver


Savannah Africa

Savannah Africa are the agents for these Italian manufactured aircraft in South Africa: The Savannah and the Oribi.

South Africa

Silver Fern Microlight Ltd.

European Distributor of Kolb Aircraft.

United Kingdom

SilverWing Aviation

Welcome to SilverWing Aviation, Australian distributors for Evektor (Eurostar) and Aeroprakt (A22 Foxbat) light and recreational aircraft. We are also agents for a range of aircraft accessories including stall warners, propellers, wheels, tyres & brakes, strobe systems and for radios, transponders and other avionics.



The home of Rans & Jabiru Kit planes Jabiru Engines quality aircraft materials, used spares and services.

United Kingdom


Skycraft LTD are agents for Rans Aircraft kits and Parts, Jabiru Aircraft kits, Jabiru Engine and Jabiru Parts, Bing Carburation, Microair Radio, VDO, Odyssey Power, Sensenich, Warp Drive, GT, Prince Propeller and Tennessee Propeller, Diatex Covering, Sky-Tech Doping and Finishing Products

United Kingdom


We are proud to welcome You to SKYDREAM website, official Pipistrel distributor. On our website You will find all the details and information regarding Pipistrel aircraft including technical data, certificates and up to date pricing.


Skykits Corporation, Canada

Every once in a while an airplane kit comes along that is designed and fabricated so well, it is a delight to build and a joy to fly. The Savannah from I.C.P. is such a STOL airplane. Take a look on the great build log.





Skyranger - Canada

With 260 kg with Rotax 912 empty weight, it gives you nearly 190 kg of payload, that is to say 2 pilots of 80kgs and +/- 50lts gasoline, it is one of best ratio weight/power of the market, it completely complies with FAI for 450 kgs full weight.



A lot of pilots do not cruise thousands of miles every week and do not want or need an expensive plane. This is why we started importing the Skyranger Aircraft.


Skyranger New Zealand

The SkyRanger was designed in the early '90's in France by the Phillipe Prevot. The design has been tested by a leading aeronautical school in France. Like all good designs, it is deceptively simple, yet very strong.

New Zealand

Skyranger UK

Known for his previous flexwing design (the Quicky), Phillipe designed the 3-axis SkyRanger during 1991, with the first flights of the prototype taking place in 1992.

United Kingdom


GPS, instruments, radios and accessories for ultralights, kitplanes, homebuilts, hang gliders, paragliders, and general aviation.


Sport Plane llc

Specializing in Sales, Service and Aftermarket parts for Sport Aircraft.


Sport Planes.Com

A Rans Sports Plane service center - The fastest growing segment of general aviation today, SPORT PLANES. Represented here are leaders in innovation, design and performance. Experienced manufactures offering proven products you can rely on



Serving the aviation community since 1990, SportairUSA, LC, is an FAA certified Repair Station and the North American distributor for aircraft manufactured by TL-Ultralight, s.r.o., and Zlin Aviation, s.r.o.


Sports Flying Shop

Welcome to, your source for quality sport aviation instrumentation, necessities and accessories!


StingSport Aircraft

The best handling LSA Sport Aircraft according to many test reviews. This carbon fiber aircraft is imported by SportairUSA and has a fantastic 360 degree view cockpit.


Storch Aviation SCG

The Microlight Storch is available only in kit form. The kit is fully welded, with painted fuselage and empennage, (chrome moly 4130), and comes complete with upholstered seats, landing gear, wheels, hydraulic disk brakes and doors for both sides.


Strobes from

All kind of strobes from almost all manufacturers of strobes.


STX 165 Transponders

Certified STX 165 Mode A/C Transponder with a bright OLED display readable in virtually all lighting conditions.


Sun Flightcraft

Microlights, engines, aircraft parts, unique double propeller gear box, Ultralights


Super Petrel Amfibium

Ultraleicht Amfibium mit UL oder LSA Zulassung als Kit oder Fertigflugzeug.


Super Petrel Europe

The European agent for the Brasilian Super Petrel LS amphibian.


Survival Products

Survival Products, Inc. has been in the Aviation and Marine life raft servicing business since 1970. They deliver a complete range og ELT's, Emergency Locator Transmitters.



S-Wing was designed by a Russian engineer and test pilot using a composite fuselage. Wings are covered with fabric but a composite wing is currently under development.

Czech Republic

Tecnam Aircraft USA

Tecnam Aircraft, the exclusive US importer and distributor for Tecnam Aircraft of Italy, is pleased to announce the arrival of a Tecnam Sierra S-LSA for delivery to its' new owner in America. See


TECNAM Australia

Importers and distributors of Tecnam range of Recreational, LSA and GA aircraft including the amazing P2006T light twin


Tecnam North America.

The US representative for Tecnam Italy.



X-Air Australia is proud to be associated with the TL Ultralights Company, following is a brief introduction to the manufacturers of the Sting and the Star Aircraft.


Tri-State Kite Sales

Welcome to the web site of Tri-State Kite Sales with USUA Instructor Mark Smith. Tri-State Kite Sales is the nation´s leading source of quality Quicksilver ultralight aircraft parts and ultralight flight instruction, and has been in business more than 20 years.


Twin Wings Parts For Ultralights

Luftsportgeräte Zulieferer für Ultraleichtflugzeuge, VLA und Amateurbauer. Ideen - Erfahrungen - Innovationen seit 1998


U-FLY-IT Ultralights

U-FLY-IT Ultralights, Ltd. provides ultralight and light sport aircraft sales, flight instruction and assembly. We are factory authorized representatives for Challenger and Quicksilver aircraft and we can build your Challenger or Quicksilver aircraft for free.


UL Avionics

The activity of the firm Ultralight Avionics, aims at fitting ultralight and small sport plains with flight, navigation and further avionics.

Czech Republic

UL Motorteile

Distributor and servicecenter for Rotax and Lor75 engines.


UL Zentrum Rhein Main

Sales, service for Rotax engines, CT2K, CTSW and FK12 Comet planes, and training as well as sales of avionics.


ULBI, Germany

German distributor of Wildthing WT01 and WT02 with Jabiru 2200 and 3300 engines and Jabiru airplanes.


ULM Parts and Accessories

Europe's largest store and catalog supply house for owners and pilots of light aircraft. ULM Technologie carries everything, including pilot supplies, aircraft parts and components, raw materials, maintenance supplies, instruments, AN hardware, etc. Visit the online catalog at:


Ultraleichtflug Schmidtler

Instruments, headsets, GPS, tooling, Enduro trikes and much more.


Ultralight Ecuador

Ultralight and motoglider composite airplanes



Currently we have over 350,000 customers on our active mailing list. Over 2 million catalogs and flyers are mailed each year. Wag-Aero sales are about 40% mail orders, 58% phone orders and 2% over-the-counter.


Wings of Paradise

The US-dealer for B&F Technik, FK9 , FK12 Comet and FK14 Polaris


X-AIR Australia

The X-Air is without question the best selling Ultralight aircraft in Europe, England, the US and Australia


X-AIR Australia - MCP.COM.AU

The Australian Gateway to the Sinus and Virus motorgliders, Allegro Sportsplane, X-AIR, TL-2000 Sting Carbon Aircraft and TL-96 Star aircrafts.


X-AIR Ireland

The Irish importer of X-Air aircrafts, Verner, Rotax and Jabiru engines and MicroCom headsets.



The X-AIR LSA, a 3-axis highwinged aircraft, comes with the a com radio, engine monitor and basic flight instrumentation. The X-Air LS is a low cost entry-level aircraft with excellent training qualities,



Home of the Xair and latest news of the Xair Hawk

United Kingdom

Zenair Deutschland

Zenair Representative (sales and service) whose mission it is to assist and support builders, owners and pilots of Zenair designs in Germany. Call us first for your Zenair kit or "Ready-to-fly" all-metal ULM!



European ZENAIR/ZENITH aircraft dealer for Zodiac CH-601 KIT and ready-to-fly STOL CH-701 KIT and ready-to-fly


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