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Manufacturers of propellers for ultralight/LSA aircraft

Manufacturers of propellers mainly for ultralight and microlight planes. You will find amazingly many. But finding THE propeller for YOUR plane is probably not that easy.

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The wood which we used in Aerobat, is a type of hard wood specially treated and cut for us, its origin is of the French Normandia.



2-5 blade composite props, springs for suspension.



4-cyl driven, max. 3300 rpm suitable for 912, 912S, 914, Jabiru 2200 & 3300 engines.


Albatross Flying Systems

Manufacture of High quality laminated wooden propellers for Ultralight aircraft and UAV's


Arrowprop Company

Arrowprop Company manufacturers wood and composite Aircraft Propellers, Ultralight Aircraft Propellers and Experimental Aircraft Propellers.


Bolly Optima Series Propellers

All BOS 2, 3 & 4 blades are sold as digital weight matched component sets


Born Propeller

We have the appropriate propeller from 5 to 500 HP even for your aircraft.


Brolga Propellers

Low cost 2, 3 and 4 blade composite propellers for ultralights, airboats and hovercraft. Over 17,000 props produced since 1982. (production stopped in 2006)


Catto Propellers

Almost 1000 propellers have been made for applications from a 1hp electric motor up to a turbo charged 350hp IO-540


Constant Speed Prop from Quinti Avio

Using your tachometer and manifold pressure it is possible to set any combination of RPM and MAP you like. THIS IS THE STANDARD CONTROLLER FOR ALL HUBS for Rotax 582, 912, 914, Jabiru and Subaru.



Valley Engineering, L.L.C and Culver Propellers specialize in giving you the very best in speed reduction units for the VW engine, and custom made propellers for your ultralight aircraft. Visit the great prop pitch calculator.


DUC Propellers

The manufacturing of DUC FC propellers answers the strictest industry standards, including the use of a unique production tool specially built to ensure you the highest quality. Choose your own propeller.


Edward Sterpa Aircraft Propeller

Sterba Propellers are homebuilt and made of Hard Maple, Northern Birch, and Cherry wood laminated in our shop using Plastic Resin Glue. Also many rules of thump and other information.



The ELECTRAVIA company designs, manufactures and markets propellers for non certified light aircraft : airplanes, motorgliders, ultralights, trikes, gyroplane and paramotors.



manufacturer of in-flight variable pitch propellers for Ultralight


Gemini Propeller Duplicator

Carve your own propeller. The Gemini Propeller Duplicator is a machine that allows individuals to easily and accurately carve wooden propellers for experimental aircraft.


GSC Systems

GSC Systems has been propelling the world since 1984 and is one of the oldest and most world-wide renowned propeller manufacturing companies.


GT Propellers

GT PROPELLERS is the only company to have produced the tail rotor and the mixed woods and composites particular blade installed on the L221, twin engine light and single bladed main rotor helicopter.



Die Firma HELIX Kunststofftechnik entwickelt und produziert seit 1990 Propeller für einen breiten Anwendungsbereich.


Hercules Propellers

We are modern-day craftspeople with a passion for all things aviation, creating beautiful working propellers for unique and special aircraft all over the world. Our work drives aircraft as varied as First World War fighters and bombers, to homebuilt performance touring aircraft – along with everything in between!

United Kingdom

Hoffmann Propeller

HOFFMANN design, manufacture, maintain and overhaul propellers with blades in wooden composite construction for every imaginable purpose, mainly for the General Aviation, Hovercraft and any special applications such as blades for windtunnels in the automotive industries.


Holz wird durch Uns erst schön.......

In der Abbildung(links unten) ist unser Patent für Propeller für Sie zu sehen. Dieses berechtigt uns zum Bau von Hochleistungpropellern aus Holz, welche wir in mühevoller Handarbeit fertigen.


Homebuilt Homepage - Propellers

Many US manufatures and suppliers of propellers listed



Wooden propellers for Limbach, Rotax 503, WV and JPX and other engines.

Slovak Republic


More than 20000 propellers sold. Propellers up to 700 HP - Quick adjustable and in-flight adjustable: Ultralight, Medium and Magnum models.


JC Propeller Design™

You are going to build your own propeller for your homebuilt aircraft, but how do you know what size to build? What diameter, pitch, blade area and NR of blades are best?



The propellers for any Rotax engines.


Making a Composite Prop

This page describes a simple method of making a two bladed composite propeller, by Jukka Tervamaki.



mt-Propeller is located directly at the Straubing Airport (EDMS) in South Germany. Development, Production, Sales and Service of MT Variable and MT Fixed Pitch Propellers. MT-Propeller was founded by Gerd Mühlbauer in 1981, who started his career in the design of propellers for general aviation and other applications in 1968.


Neuform Propellers

The high quality standard of our manufacturing is an important aspect to your safety. The attention to detail on the surface of our propeller-blades gives you a visible example of our invisible quality inside the blades.



Air props for light aircrafts, moto hang-gliders, autogyros


Pipistrel Propellers

Makes 2, 3 and 4 blade propellers for low noise and variable pitch purposes up to 100HP.


Powerfin Inc.

Powerfin Inc. offer the ultralight and small experimental pilot the safest, most efficient, highest quality carbon fiber composite propellers.


P-Prop Wood Propellers

The P-Prop is renowned as a high quality wood and composite propeller for homebuilt and microlight aircraft. Each prop is hand crafted to the most exacting standards and suited to your performance needs.

South Africa

Prince Aircraft Company

The Prince P-TIP Propeller is unique. It has many features not normally found with a fixed pitch propeller, including automatic pitch changing and anhedral.


Propeller Powermax

TL-ULTRALIGHT brings to the market a new design of 3-blade in flight adjustable constant-speed propeller called the Powermax. The propeller is designed for direct assembly onto the propeller boss of Rotax 912 to 914 series engines.

Czech Republic


Experience acquired by Alisport into design and production of composite structures perfectly integrates Alisport know-how, a Company from years specialized in the manufacturing of ultralight avionic components, in particular of in-flight variable pitch propellers “IDROVARIO”, with hydraulic control system.


Props Inc

Years of experience and feedback go into making the best possible propeller for your special use. I have made over 3,000 propellers dating back to 1985. I have made a propeller for nearly every type of aircraft, even human powered submarines and flight, windmills too.


Russian Propellers

The props are designed by Russian professional aerodynamic engineers and has excellent operating characteristics


Sauer Natural Composite Propellers

Reduced Weight – SAUER Natural Composite Propellers are significantly lighter than carbon or fiberglass propeller systems. This is a weight savings where it is most important, on the end of your engine crankshaft. Reduced vibration – Carbon and fiberglass supports harmonic vibration. Natural Composite does not. Other parts of your airplane (gyros, motor mounts, radios, heat muffs, cowlings) will last longer with reduced vibration.


Sensenich Wood Propellers

Sensenich Propeller manufactures and services our own Fixed Pitch Wood, Aluminum and Composite Ground Adjustable Propellers for Airboats, Aircraft and UAVs.


Tennessee Propellers Inc

Tennessee Propellers Inc. manufactures wooden propeller for ultralight and microlight aircraft. They are also the world distributor for Zenoah two cycle engines.


UL Aviation

UL Aviation is the Ukrainian -Finnish Company, a developer and manufacturer of GAProp ground adjustable propellers.


UL Props

The HELICES E-PROPS company designs, manufactures and markets propellers for non certified light aircraft : airplanes, ultralights, trikes, gyroplanes, airships, paramotors and UAV, tractor or pusher configurations.



Great Spanish link to manufacturers of propellers for ultralight aircrafts.



FABRICANT D'HELICES POUR L'AERONAUTIQUE VALEX est une entreprise artisanale, implantée en Charente à Barbezieux Saint Hilaire, aux portes du Sud-ouest de la France. Depuis plus de 10 ans VALEX produit pour l'aéronautique des hélices en bois...



Propeller design for Ultralight aircraft.


Warp Drive Carbon Fiber Composite Propellers

We are dealers for Warp Drive carbon fiber propellers and offer factory-direct pricing to our customers.


Whirl Wind Propellers

Whirl Wind offers a complete line of composite constant speed propellers for the most popular kitplanes with engines like Rotax 912 and 914.


Whirlwind Aviation

Low noise propellers for Rotax 912/914 engines, and for larger engines.



Wooden propellers and the former SportsProp propellers

Czech Republic

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