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You will find a few private ultralight pilot websites here. There are hundreds of good private websites out there, but it is not my intention to collect them all here. If you have a knowledge of a good and stable one, please let me know.

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Ala and Lorenz Kreitmayr's website!

It is not only about private news - here you will read about airplanes, light aircraft manufacturing, and also a bit of light aircraft history...


Min virtuelle UL hangar, hvor jeg vil forsøge at give dig sommerens bedste UL oplevelser, vinterens vildeste røver historier og alt andet UL relateret sladder og facts jeg ellers kan komme i nærheden af. Læs mere. Fin lille hjemmeside fra det Nordjyske. (Danish)



Good and brilliant site for owners of the MCR planes and other enthusiasts in mainly French with much good information for ultralight aviators.


Cri Cri Sweden

Read more in Swedish.........


Dawn Patrol

What are we... Only a bunch of middle-aged men and their lovely wives having the time of their lives living the life of Walter Mitty in their little replica warbirds.


Dream of Aviation

Dreampage - Kleinhartpenning near Holzkirchen in Upper Bavaria. - 30 km south of Munich the dream of aviation became true. - In German and English. One takes:


Farewell, Les

A tribute to a remarkable woman, Les Taff, who died tragically on April 1, 2006. She fell from a tree and suffered severe head trauma. "She was a skilled musician, a skilled mechanic, one hell of a flight instructor". Read how this multi talented woman spend her last months.



This home page is about microlight (Weight shift ) flying in the province of North West frontier.


Fellman Family

Many fine pictures of flying inflatable boats in Sweden and many other pictures, also non-UL pictures.


FK14 Polaris

A site made by some haapy owners of an FK14 Polaris ultralight aircraft in Belgium - see the nice pictures.


Jan og Allan Klarborgs hjemmeside - dem med YAK-52eren. Mange fine billeder, projekter, video's osv.


ICP Savannah MXP 740V

Here you can find links to web sites, articles, data sheets - anything which belongs to this airplane and could be interesting.



All information about the microlight aircraft Skywalker.


John Moody (Ultralight Pioneer, "The Father Of Ultralights")

The incredible legacy of John K. Moody — Father of Ultralights. Few of today's ultralight enthusiasts truly understand the unique beginnings of ultralight aviation.


KFM Engines

Data on KFM 107, KFM Maxi 107 and KFM 112 engines.


KHP International Airport

Kleinhartpenning near Holzkirchen in Upper Bavaria, 30 km south of Munich the dream of aviation became true.


Lance Gingell's personal web piece of space....



It was in 1978, in Canada, that Dale Kramer designed the Lazair, one of the first twin-engine ultralights. Though it was introduced before Part 103 came into being, the Ultraflight Sales Ltd. Lazair was a true pioneer, an airplane which helped define the ultralight class.


Marc and Joris' homepage.

We are two ultralight pilots and almost every weekend you can find us in the air. Through this site we hope to contact other ultralight pilots, all over Europe, to exchange our knowledge and information - much relevant information if you plan to fly to Belgium.


My Kitfox

Welcome to, a site dedicated to the construction and operation of my Kitfox SuperSport aircraft.


Private "Wildthing"-UL Site

Ultraleicht Fliegen im Raum Köln, Bonn und der Eifel mit dem "Wildthing" UL.


Rudi Greyling's little patch on the Internet

Here I'd like to share my love of flying and living with anyone that might be interested and showcasing our beautiful country South Africa.

South Africa

Skyranger Iceland

A Skyranger owner in Iceland in Icelandic.


Texas Flyer

Tales of flying ultralights around the great state of Texas! Many fine pictures.



Welcome to our Joyride through the Oberlausitz region of Germany. Relax and enjoy this view from up here. - Keep in mind that although all pictures are zoomable by clicking, images never can bring you the overwhelming atmosphere and resulting emotions of true flight. - Lots of fine descriptions of trips in a CH601 in German and English.


Werner Dupp's homepage

Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner privaten Flieger Homepage.


Wild Blue Yonder

Someone asked me yesterday how many trike pilots have I soloed and I'm afraid to say that I don't know with any certainty. So I'm going to start a list, beginning with my first student, who is still flying today.............and a lot more. Read about John "Ole" Olson.


Jag heter Tomas Ekholm och den här sidan är tillägnad mitt flygintresse. Jag tog certifikat för UL-B i mars 2006 och har ganska nyligen skaffat mig ett eget flygplan. Jag är intresserad av flyg rent allmänt, men naturligtvis så är mitt intresse i synnerhet inriktat på ultralätt flyg. Den här sidan är min dagbok. Här kommer jag att skriva när det händer någonting som har med flyg att göra och som betyder någonting för mig. Händer det inte så mycket under en period, så skriver jag inte så mycket heller.



After each flip Gert compiles a pictorial flight log.

South Africa

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