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Flight Planning for light aviation pilots

In this group you will find the appropriate information including NOTAM's, TAF's and METAR's for your light aviation flight planning next time you plan to fly to Scandinavia. Don't forget to check the latest weatherforecast.

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A Guide to Flying to France

When I started learning to fly, going to France was one of the big trips I hoped to be able to do one day.

United Kingdom

A Reference Guide to UK GA pilots.

This supplement has been removed after continuing issues with IT functionality which have prevented it from being updated in line with developments of CAP 413 (Radiotelephony Manual). The CAA is initiating a project to provide new, updated supplements to CAP 413 (Radiotelephony Manual), that will include greatly improved interactive content and functionality.

United Kingdom

Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) - Denmark

Naviair har gennem Danmarks tiltrædelse af Chicago-konventionen (ICAO, Annex 15) forpligtet sig til at stille flyveoperationelle informationer om dansk luftrum mv. til rådighed for luftfarten. Informationerne dækker Danmark, Grønland og Færøerne og er samlet i Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP & VFG)


Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) - Finland

eAIP VFR SUOMI / FINLAND - Bulletin service - Corrections to ANC charts.


Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) - France

Aeronautical Information Service (SIA) is responsible for providing Aeronautical information Services for national and international air navigation. Here you can download the AIP, AIC, Notam and the French regulations.


Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) - Poland

The Aeronautical Information Service is a special unit of Polish Air Traffic Agency designated for provision of aeronautical service in Poland


Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) - Spain

Aeronautical information of the Spanish territory and the airspace under its responsability: AIP Spain: Publication of aeronautical information, AIP Suplements and amendments, Aeronautical Infomration Circulars (AIC), Notam


Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) - UK

UK Aeronautical Information Package (AIP), AIC's and Notams.

United Kingdom

Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) on Eurocontrol

If you plan to go other European countries, take a look here - on this Eurocontrol page you will find most of the European AIS sites.


Aeronautical Information System (AIS) - Norway

Information (AIP, AIC, flightplan and a lot more) provided by the IPPC is retrieved directly from the Norwegian Aeronautical Information System in ”real time”.



A Palm treo Aviation GPS. easy and simple to use Aviation GPS with your Treo 650, 700P, 680 or palm tx, as well as Garmin 3600, 3200, and 3000 PDA. This solution is a flight planning and moving map that includes an HSI and Attitude approximator. One of the simplest and easiest Aviation GPS available on the market but does not do this at the expense of functionality.


Airspace & Safety Initiative (ASI)

The Airspace & Safety Initiative (ASI) is a joint CAA, NATS, AOA, GA and MoD effort to investigate and tackle the major safety risks in UK airspace.

United Kingdom


Navigation software for Apple devices.



ChartGEEK charts provide information about your flight that you would not or could not know unless you had been there already! Designed to work in Google Earth, our charts provide amazing details and give you jaw-dropping improvements in your understanding of...what to expect, where to fly and when to go! For USA only for the time being.


Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS)

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is offering you the possibility to retrieve pre-flight information for IFR and VFR flights as well as to file flight plans.


Die kostenlose VFR-Flugplanung ist ein privat betriebenes, kostenloses Angebot, in dem unzählige Arbeitsstunden stecken.


Flight Plan - Denmark

Submit your Flight Plan to Naviair AIS Briefing, Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup. Please note! Naviair AIS Briefing will call you back on the telephone number given, for confirmation of the submitted Flight Plan. You will also find the NOTAM and SNOWTAM here.


FlightMaster Aviation GPS

A PalmOS Aviation GPS that is available for your PalmOS based pda or phone. Will work on the Palm Centro, or Treo Phones that run PalmOS as well as the Palm TX. Is also available in a ready to use Device that is a turnkey aviation GPS that will operate as a pda as well. From $439.95


Fly in France dead

If you're reading this, it may be because you consider coming over to this country or visiting it, flying yourself a plane.


Fly in France with Olivia

Welcome on the On Line Integrated tool for Visualization of Information for Airmen flying in France


Flying in Denmark

Lot of valuable information of flying in Denmark, also for IFR pilots.


Flying in Europe

All you need, to prepare your GA flight to and in Europe. Probably also lot of useful information for UL pilots.


Flying in France with Nav2000

The site is in French. Click on "Receherche" > "liste complète" and 3213 airports and airfields will show up and all relevant information will be available for you. Have a good trip to France.


Flying in South Africa?

Enter or Search waypoints for Southern Africa on an interactive map, view altitude profiles and aeronautical information, enter wind direction & speed.

South Africa


Kort over europæiske kontrollerede og AFIS lufthavne og ukontrollerede pladser m.fl.


ForeFlight Mobile HD

ForeFlight Mobile HD is the latest evolution of our critically acclaimed Preflight Intelligence™ app for pilots, now optimized for the iPhone and the iPad.


Information about Flying Abroad

"Flying Abroad by Microlight" by John Lloyd on BMAA's homepage is a great help for those who plan to fly in Europe.

United Kingdom


This site will help you in your planning going crosscountry or even further.

United Kingdom

NATS - Aeronautical Information Service

This web site provides FREE access to the following products: UK Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), UK AIP Supplements (SUP) Aeronautical Information Circulars, (AIC) Notices relating to safety, navigation, technical, administrative or legal matters, NOTAM Notices concerning the condition or change to any facility, service or procedure notified within the AIP.

United Kingdom


Welcome to all planes, microlights, helicopters and gliders pilots. This page is based on information sharing. You'll benefit for free from information provided by other pilots. - In French and English languages.



"SeeYou" is a planning and analysis tool for glider pilots. It is designed for the desktop and notebook PCs. - "SeeYou Mobile" is our in-flight navigation and moving map software for the Pocket PC. - "ConnectMe" allows you to transfer the data between your home PC and glider instrumentation through the Pocket PC.



Choose the area (Nothern Europe) from which you want to get the NOTAM by marking out the boxes. Move the mouse over the list of FIR location indicators to see what area the FIR covers.


Orbifly Metmap

Fine metsite covering Central- and Middleeurope giving you TAF and METAR as well for major aerodromes.



VFR Flight planning and briefing.

United Kingdom


Don't go flying with this website! - Purchase a real chart, and come back alive to visit us again.



TAF and METAR from the Danish Meteorological Institute


UKGA - GA's home in the UK.

Are you planning an expedition to the UK?? - Although there is a wide range of airfield, weather and NOTAM data available to all, many of the advanced services on UKGA (flight planning, weather & NOTAM mails, SMS services, forums, etc.) are available only to registered users.

United Kingdom

VFR Guide

Airshow tickets - Airshow blog - European flight notes - Social network



ViaMichelin road guideline might help you in your flightplanning, despite it is not made for aviators.

United Kingdom

World Aero Data

This database contains detailed, aeronautical information on nearly 10,000 airports and over 11,000 navaids worldwide.


Your European flight plan filing solution

EuroFPL has been making European and NAT flight planning easy since 2009! Read more.

European Union

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