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Aeroklub Polski

Portal for leisure aviation in Poland in Polish.


Aerospace Facts

Aerospace Information Service is dedicated to publishing information about aviation and space exploration for both enthusiasts and professionals working for the aerospace industry. Its first product is a highly innovative website


All About Sport Pilot

The purpose of this web site is to provide you with all the information you need to know about being a Sport Pilot, flying light sport aircraft, as well as, help you continue learning to make your experience more enjoyable.



La totale dérèglementation des PULMA à décollage à pieds (à l'instar de l'Angleterre) et leur gestion responsable par les usagers eux-mêmes


Australian Recreational Flying

Whether your enquiring about flying lessons, a student pilot, or a flying instructor, you will find information regarding recreational aviation in Australia right here. Join discussion forums, send us your pictures, contribute to online surveys and join our community. Most of all its FREE.


Australian Recreational Pilots

This Australian website is dedicated exclusively to recreational aviation in Australia. This site is designed to be a compliment & a promoter of recreational aviation in Australia, the official RA-Aus website & the RA-Aus movement in general. If we can inspire people to fly for fun - we have achieved our goal. This site is the result of a voluntary team effort, managed by a pilot (PPL & RAAus) who is an extreme recreational aviation enthusiast!


Aviation web TV

Aviation web TV channel

South Africa

Aviators Hot-Line

Aviators Hot Line® is a comprehensive resource utilized by private aircraft owners and pilots to find the aircraft, parts and services they need.

USA is a Aviation Online Magazine (US) - "everything about everything, almost" - if you can find it.

USA ist eine private Internetseite von Oldtimer-Freunden für Oldtimer-Freunde ohne kommerziellen Hintergrund.


ByDanJohnson is the web's leading resource for Pilot Reports with more than 200 reports and 1,000 photos of aircraft from around the world.


Classic Ultralights on Aeroklaus.

Die einen wollen mit schnellen, teuren Highendern möglichst schnell und komfortabel von A nach B reisen, die anderen wollen sich mit einfachen und preiswerten Fluggeräten den Wind um die Nase wehen lassen, nach dem Motto: der Weg ist das Ziel.



The Colibri Diploma It is awarded each year to an individual who is considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the development of microlight [ultralight] flying by his/her action, work, achievements, initiative or devotion.


Cri-Cri Homebuilt Homepage

Website about Cri-Cri, the world smallest twin-engine plane. History, technical description, images, movies, advertising and contacts.

Czech Republic


This website is the home of interesting, informed and intelligent discussion about General Aviation in Europe. We hope you'll enjoy it and find it useful. Please do get involved by posting on our forums and take a look at our articles. If you'd like to publish any yourself then please get in touch.

United Kingdom

Experimental Aircraft Guide

All information has been supplied to The Official Guide to Experimental Aircraft by the listed company (aircraft manufacturer).


Info-Portal des nostaligischen Ultraleicht-Doppeldeckers W.D. Sunwheel (in German).



PilotClub, PilotShop, TV Stream,

United Kingdom

Flitzer Sportflug Verein International

"Flitzer Sport Flying Association" - Large repository of photos and information about Lynn Williams' Flitzer series of wood biplanes. Flitzers are designed to appear as 1920s aircraft, but are not replicas of any particular design.

United Kingdom

FLY BABY and much more

Fly Baby is NOT an ultralight but this webpage is nice to visit with a lot of interesting information



Flygplansbyar eller ”Residential Airparks” som det kallas på engelska är en ny företeelse i Sverige. - Konceptet innebär att en grupp av människor med ett gemensamt flygintresse bor vid ett flygfält. I anslutning till flygfältet bygger ägarna sina villor med tillhörande hangarer som har taxibanor direkt ut till landningsbanan.


Flying Things

This database includes all things where we can go to the air, in which you can search, but also reading like a book.



All about flying in Ireland.



The purpose of this page is to share information on installation and use of Rotary (Wankel) engines in aircraft. There are more flying examples than you might think and many more under construction. This web page is not limited to a single installation orientation.


Fox Pilots

Hallo und willkommen auf den Foxfliegerseiten! - Are you a Fox pilot, that take a look here.


Foxbat Pilot

FoxbatPilot is aimed at providing aviation information, thoughts and ideas for Aeroprakt A22 Foxbat owners. Owners and pilots of lesser aircraft may also find some of the information of interest!


Frequencies - Dansk Scanner Information

Anything about aircraftcommunications and frequencies in Denmark in Danish.


Helmuts Ultraleichte Datenbank

Airfields in Germany, News, Links to Manufacturer of Engines, Propellers, Aircrafts. Buy´n Sale, and a lot more.


History of microlight aviation and BMAA.

These pages offer what is arguably the most complete history of microlight aviation available today.

United Kingdom


Site with news about light aircrafts in spanish language.


Kiebitz Bausatz

A Kiebitz build from scratch. Lots of pics.


Kiebitz Flieger

Willkommen auf der Homepage der Kiebitz Piloten!


Kiebitz Pics

"Worlds best pictures of a Kiebitz aircraft


Kitfox on Wikipedia

The Denney Kitfox is a series of small personal kit aircraft with folding wings.


Kitfoxes in Europe

Kitfox owners / builders / photographers or other who has information about the kitfox airplanes in Europe, help me to complete this website. Please send me images/data/text for your kitfox site here.

European Union

Light Airplanes1

In our Portal the companies can free insert a web page, their banner and an advertisement. - The visitors can insert free advertisements and a banner in our marketplace. - The people with aeronautical experience can propose their person as teacher for the distance learning.


Light Aviation On Line

Welcome to the most important italian website about ultralight flight. Many links.



French & English Forum of the aviation and the aeronautical sale of occasions for all the amateurs and pilots of ULM. - Buy'nSale, links, messages, newsletters and other stuff.

France provides you with big and growing database of light planes. Every single aircraft has at least one photo and basic info such as empty / gross weight, VNE, stall and cruising speed.


LOOP- 'Fresh air for Flying!'

LOOP is an active initiative working to promote General Aviation within the UK and Ireland.The initiative comes from a new venture called Loop Publishing [UK] Ltd. We've called ourselves "Loop" because we want to bring new people into flying - and then keep them flying by making sure they are aware of all the opportunities available to them. - An excellent site also worth to be read by ultralight and microlight aviators.

United Kingdom


Vi skissar just nu på ett helt nytt koncept för fritidsboende med varma hangarbyggnader som man kan bo och jobba i. Lev med din hobby, eller starta en ny kariär med sånt som kräver utrymme.


Microlight Aviation in South Africa

The unofficial home page of Microlighters in South Africa. Updated regularly with loads of stories, pictures, events, destinations and people.

South Africa


The Microlight forum is a friendly place for microlight pilots and enthusiasts for the lighter end of aviation to share their thoughts, dreams and experiences.

United Kingdom

Mikrofly i Norge


Pilot Space

A wide range of aviationinformation from Europa.

Czech Republic

Pilotentreffpunkt -

Willkommen auf der neuen Plattform! Leider ist noch nicht alles fertig, das Konzept lässt sich aber sicher schon erkennen. Die noch fehlenden Bereiche werden wir, mit Eurer Beteiligung, in der nächsten Zeit ergänzen.



World´s most encyclopaedic and entertaining aviation website - hit "aviation history" on the left and read about "history of microlights" with thanks to BMAA.


Pilotmix Sweden

Great Swedish Ultralight Search Engine - Ultralight Links - Aircraft Database - Forum.


Pilots 24

Der Pilotentreffpunkt - information about almost everything happening in Germany.


Velkommen til websitet der samler alle grene af den professionelle luftfartsbranche i Danmark. Vi fortsætter til stadighed arbejdet med at udbygge og forbedre sitet, således at hele branchen har et naturligt mødested samt let tilgang til information, nyheder og artikler fra branchen.


Platzer Kiebitz

Bilder aus der Luft - Platzer Kiebitz D-MWWB


POU-DU-CIEL from France

You are on the homepage of a COLLECTIVE site which will become inevitably an ENCYCLOPEDIA OF the POU-DU-CIEL


Recreational Flying in Australia

This is a great site for australian recreational flyers, and it has a great forum.


Recreationnal Flying Global

Aircraft Mfrs, Articles, Downloads, Forums, Photo Gallery, Video Clips, Aviation Terms, Links, Communicate, Blogs, Famous Quotes, Global Events, Fun, Games and more.


Lots of pictures of the ultralight life - the site is alive but not updated very often.



SkyFly server is the most attended Czech flight server.

Czech Republic

Slovinian Microlight Pages

Do you want to know more about microlight flying in Slovenia, you are on the right position (under construction).


Sport Aviation Magazine

Welcome to the Sport Aviation Magazine our goal is to cover as many aircraft expositions that host aircraft described as ultralight aircraft, light sport aircraft, experimental light sport aircraft, amateur built aircraft, ELSA or homebuilt aircraft.


Sport Pilot Training

The flight training and ground school resource for Sport Pilots, Private Pilots, Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructors (CFIS) and Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) flying Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) – sport airplanes, weight-shift control (WSC) microlight trikes, and powered parachutes (PPC).


Sport Pilot Training 2

This Guide is written for those who are transitioning their two seat Ultralight trainers and single seat ultralight like aircraft. In this document I will outline the steps required to N number, Register and have your Sport Aircraft Airworthiness Inspected and Certified.


Forumet för svenskt GA med inriktning på Ultralätt och x-klass.



The world of Microlighting has advanced so much over the last 15-20 years that it has become the most affordable and safest form of motorised flight in the UK.

United Kingdom

TangoKilo's Homepage

A very informative site about the German airspace and flying rules.


The British NPPL(A)

After many years experience and consultation with experienced microlight instructors and examiners, this syllabus has been formulated by the Microlight Panel of Examiners on behalf of the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA).

United Kingdom

UL Flyer

Find your favorite ultralight aircraft on this site - very informative site.


UL Magazin

ULMagazin ist ein junges und modernes Onlinemagazin, das sich dem Bereich der Ultraleichtfliegerei widmet. Das Ultraleichtfliegen hat viel zu bieten. So gilt unsere Aufmerksamkeit allen Formen der ULs: Fußstart, Motorschirm, Dreiachs, Tragschrauber, Gleitschirm uvm.


UL Timer

......sind all´ diejenigen, die ein UL besitzen, das historischen Flugzeugen ähnelt, sowie Besitzer von ULs mit Baujahr 1990 und früher.


ULM Actualité

A French site with a lot of information French.


ULM sur le Net

Fine French ULM portal with a lot of links.


Ultraleicht Fliegen

A new German informationforum for ultralight pilots.



Velkommen til, siden er lavet til/for ul-piloter og folk som interesserer sig for ul flyvning. Opret dig som bruger og få del i flere ting på siden, kom gerne med forslag, så siden kan forbedres, det er jer brugere som er med til at bestemme hvordan sidens indhold skal være/ se ud, så start allerede idag med at blive medlem.


Ultralight Aircraft Australia

All things airborne in the Australian ultralight scene.


Ultralight Aircraft News Web Magazine

Ultralight aircraft, ultralight hermes replica handbags sale flying, replica handbags microlight information resource site.


Ultralight Airplanes

It is your introduction and start up resource for getting a pilot's license and owning your own aircraft. I will share with you the results of our researches and give you ideas - how to know more, where and what to buy, at what prices, how to protect yourself from pitfalls and how to experience the best of the flying.


Ultralight by DanJohnson

Welcome to the Ultralight area of - This is one of the most popular sections on the web site containing articles on a variety of ultralight aircraft.


Ultralight Home Page

A friendly and nice site to the Ultralight World


Ultralight on Wikipedia

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, many people sought to be able to fly affordably. As a result, many aviation authorities set up definitions of lightweight, slow-flying aeroplanes that could be subject to minimum regulation. The resulting aeroplanes are commonly called "ultralight" or "microlight", although the weight and speed limits are rarely the same between any two countries. - Read more.

United Kingdom


Vagabund is einen Doppeldecker im klassischen Stil, durch seine gutmütigen Flugeigenschaften, sein Platzangebot für Schulung, Passagierflüge, oder einfach nur zum Spassfliegen.

Germany è il portale dedicato al mondo del volo ultraleggero e all'aviazione sportiva italiana.


Widola search Engine

The ultimate search engine for pilots


Wings Explorer

- Visit the website - Natalie will "guide" you into a world of light flying.


Homepages about flying in Austria.


Yellow Eagle

You can advertise FREE OF CHARGE with 3 photos. Separate categories for Microlight (ultralight), Sports aviation aircrafts, Gliders, Parachute, Balloons.


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