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The mission of website is to help ultralight and microlight aviators and pilots to navigate with success in cyberspace. The selected sites for this aviation database are basically restricted to english-language sites and ultralight/microlight aircraft with MTOW of 450 kg.

All sites are carefully selected by humans and not by robots. That means that hopefully most of the doubtful sites are sorted out making navigation much easier to you. All in all more than 2,200 aviation resources dispersed in 60 categories.

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Ressources in this database is manually selected by pilots  

An incomplete collection of aerodromes for ultralight aviation and flying in the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland).

Via the aerodrome portals you should be able to find most aerodromes in Europe and the United States suitable for ultralight and microlight aircraft.

The Nordic, JAA and a few more aviation authorities are found here.

Many artist have spent hours to immortalize aircrafts of any kind. If you Google "Aviation Art", you will find many sites with Aviation Art.

It is easy to find Aviation Humour sites on the Internet, but there seem not to be a lot of ultralight and microlight aviation humour sites - despite that you have much more fun flying an ultralight plane!

Aviation museums - mainly the Nordic countries - and sites about the Early Flying Birds and history of flight.

Safety investigation units, associations, boards and organizations in the Nordic countries. They focus on safety and how to improve the aviation aviation safety. Studying the accident and incident reports will give you a good idea of why it is safe to fly, but also why accidents and incidents will continue to happen.

Safety investigation units, associations, boards and organizations outside the Nordic countries. They focus on safety and how to improve the aviation aviation safety. Studying the accident and incident reports will give you a good idea of why it is safe to fly, but also why accidents and incidents will continue to happen.

The links in this group guides you directly to sites with safety information leaflets, booklets and similar stuff.

A collection of all known ultralight aviation magazines and eMagazine as well as the huge number of general aviation magazines and eMagazines and a number of stores offering videos, CDs, DVDs, books and Scale Models, and a single Ultraflight Radio.

Ultralight aircraft builders websites. It is always interesting to see and learn how other people are doing.

Buy & Sell and Classified sites of mainly ultralight and microlight aircrafts, engines and accessories. There are most likely others but I have not yet found them.

A collection of Nordic ultralight flying clubs, but not all of them. There are links to the rest of them via the domestic ultralight aviation organizations.

Ultralight aviation clubs in other countries than the Nordic. On the individual national ultralight aviation organization sites, you will most likely find the clubs ranked.

Here you will find Danish aviation sites which does not belong in other groups - they are often available in Danish only.

Just a few ultralight aviation fora are in this group - please also check the "Owners Club for Ultralight Pilots" group. Social networks are also included in this group.

This group concentrates about pilots events where pilots fly really long trips

An aeroplane, sailplane or powered sailplane with a Maximum Take Off Mass (MTOM) less than 1200 kg that is not classified as a complex motor-powered aircraft. The ARC (Airworthiness Review Certificate) to be performed by a CAMO. - In practice the ELA1 (European Light Aircraft) aircrafts have an MTOW of 600 kg and called European LSA, which equals a lot to the US LSA aircraft category. (to be revised in the near future, August 2015)

The most famous events for ultralight aviation in the Nordic and World Wide. Several website portals will guide you to most of the official events.

Some Facebook sites has lot of interesting information and nice pictures

In this group you will find the appropriate information including NOTAM's, TAF's and METAR's for your light aviation flight planning next time you plan to fly to Scandinavia. Don't forget to check the latest weatherforecast.

This Group include all sort of ultralight unpowered aircraft.

Sites for gyrocopter enthusiasts including importers/dealers of gyrocopters. Please also check in the "Manufacturers of Gyrocopters" group.

Some sites are very nice to view but not really related to ultralight flying - instead of ignoring them, they have been put into this group.

Links to sites which might help you translating from one language to another or to help you to interpret abbreviations, acronyms, words, frases and sentences, or other meaningful things.

Perceptions: how to use your eyes, your ears, your fingertips, and the seat of your pants to gather the information you need when flying an ultralight aircraft. Procedures: how to use your hands and feet to make the ultralight airplane do what you want. Principles: how to organize your thinking to make your flying easier and safer.

Some sites contain lots of interesting information and are difficult to place in other groups. Some about ultralight flying, some not. Those you will find here. See also "Hard to place sites".

Many ultralight aviation sites have great link pages, which will help you in your search. Here is a bunch of the best ones.

In this group you will find links to sites giving you information about the FAA-LSA (Light-Sport Aircraft) regulations and rules and to ditto Canadian and Australian ones - >472,5 kg.

Most manufacturers of ultralight and microlight aircrafts, plans and kits have their own website. But if they don't, you may find a distributor or dealer with a site covering the subject in the Supplies/Parts/Service group. Don't hesitate to use the search facility. In this group you will also find manufacturers of LSA aircrafts meeting the EASA and US, Canadian and Australian LSA specification.

Hardware which can make it even safer to fly an ultralight aircraft.

In this group you will find manufaturers of avionic equipment like transceivers, transponders, instruments, headsets, intercom, strobos, EFIS etc. for ultralight aircraft applications. There are a great many disty´s and agents for avionics. Just a few of them are listed under Supplies Parts Service or Pilots Supply.

An ELA1 max 1000 kg category: EASA CS-LSA aircrafts are certified 2-seat aircrafts with an MTOW of 600 kg and a Vs of 83 km/h equipped with a piston engine and VFR non-acrobatic operation only. - CS-VLA (Certification Specification for Very Light Aircraft) are certified aircrafts with 1 or 2 seats, MTOW of 750 kg and a stallspeed of max. 83 km/h. and VFR only.

A new concept has come to the ultralight community: the electrical driven aircraft. You will also find arthicles about this subject here and related stuff as well as associations supporting this new concept.

Manufacturers of 2- and 4-stroke engines made for ultralight, microlight and LSA aircrafts - and Wankel Rotary combustion engines. Some might not be in production any more but still flying. A few never went into massproduction.

2013: More and more flying cars are flying. In this Group you will find any sort of flying car (fixed winged and gyrocopter driven)

This group was created october 2008 - it will take some time, before the group will include a fair share of the manufaturers of gyrocopters. Arthicles about gyrocopters will appear in the "Gyrocopters Corner" group.

Manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of hangars for light aircrafts.

Parts for ultralight aircrafts are often made by subcontractors like brakes and wheels. You will also find sites for the general aftermarket.

Manufacturers of propellers mainly for ultralight and microlight planes. You will find amazingly many. But finding THE propeller for YOUR plane is probably not that easy.

A none complete collection of links til single seat light aircrafts meeting the FAR 103, SSDR (Single Seat Microlight Aeroplanes, UK, 300kg MTOW), sub 120 kg (Germany) and ultralight/microlight categories of aircrafts. See also the "Electrical and H2 Ultralight Aircrafts" group.

Ultralight and VLR helicopters are not often seen in Scandinavia - yet.

There are many manufacturers of trikes or flexwings aircraft worldwide. Many af them you will find here. If you do not find what you are looking for, I suggest that you search "trike" on the top right of this page. Manufacturers of ultralight flying inflatable boats are also in this group.

Here you will find both 3-axis and weightshift controlled aircrafts driven by conventional engines and electric driven. Search also under "amph".

Flying ultralight motorglider is the ultimate way of flying - take of on your own and enjoy the silence with the thermals.

Domestic and international medical sites and insurance companies recognized for aircraft insurance and a few financing companies.

Links to various aviation news sites. Please also take a look on the "Magazines, Books, Videos" group.

You will find most of the ultralight aviation organizations world wide in this group.

Non-ultralight aviation and pilot organizations and associations.

Owners of specific ultralight aircrafts or -engines have formed their own fora or clubs. Please also check the "Chat Forum" group.

Major suppliers of parts, hardware and material for your A/C. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please search in the "Parts Supplies Service" group.

Sites for people with physical challenges but inclination for ultralight aviation

Links to pilot shops where you can buy all the necessary bits and pieces for ultralight aviation pilots. Please also check in the "Parts-Supplies- Service" groups.

In this group you will find links to sites covering powered paragliders, powered parachutes or whatever are being called - vehicles with an engine and with wheels for take-off and landing (Manufacturers, training, education, service etc.)

You will find a few private ultralight pilot websites here. There are hundreds of good private websites out there, but it is not my intention to collect them all here. If you have a knowledge of a good and stable one, please let me know.

In this group you will find sites dedicated mainly to service on and information about Rotax engines.

Distributors, importers, agents, suppliers and dealers of ultralight and microlight planes, and of engines and parts, equipment and accessories for ultralight and microlight planes as well as service, in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland).

Distributors, importers, agents, suppliers and dealers of ultralight and microlight planes, and of engines and parts, equipment and accessories for ultralight and microlight planes as well as service, in rest of the World.

In this group you will find a number of interesting sites about the GPS world helping you to understand the magic of GPS and GLONASS and the upcoming GALILEO.

Whether you are an ultralight pilot or not, flying on a simulator will give you a good understanding of the basics of flying.

Companies have specialized themselves in supporting homebuilders, offer building the complete aircraft or in maintenance aircraft engines.

Sites with technical information in many levels, some real professional - for the ultralight pilot - as well as hardware.

Many clubs and schools offer real good training in ultralight flying, some placed in the Southern part of Europe and in Africa. You will also find sites related to aerodynamics and similar stuff.

Ultralight/Microlight trike pilots seems to be a little different from 3-axis pilots - the sites will tell you why.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - some sort of an ultralight aircraft, but unmanned.

Nice sites with beautiful pictures, some very professional - and galleries, videos, internet radio and photos about and with aircrafts.

Links to Nordic Meteorologic Institutes and a few more and other interesting weather-sites.

Webcams mainly placed on airfields. - You an see Mode-S/ADS-B equipped aircrafts on the screen.